'Sports Illustrated' Bombshell Olivia Brower Covers Up With Only A Straw Hat In Sizzling New Snap

Olivia Brower delighted her fans this weekend with a sizzling new addition to her Instagram page that has proved impossible to ignore.

The photo was posted to her page on Saturday, October 12, and was an instant hit with her 314,000 followers. A watermark in the bottom left corner of the shot indicated that it was from the 25-year-old's feature in 2019's Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, which also happened to be her rookie year with the publication. Olivia was snapped lying on her back in the sand with the gorgeous view of the water behind her and the golden sunshine pouring over her bronzed skin. However, her look in the shot could hardly be considered "typical" beachwear.

Instead of rocking a bikini -- which the model often does on her Instagram page -- Olivia went almost completely topless for the shot, driving her thousands of fans absolutely wild. The babe expertly held a large straw hat over her torso and used its floppy brim to hide her bare bosom, though ultimately, the coverage the head piece provided was minimal. Viewers got a minor glimpse at her toned back and trim waist. A zoom-in revealed that the babe was sporting a pair of nude-colored bikini bottoms on her lower half, though it is safe to assume that a full look at the garment would only up the ante of the bombshell's NSFW display.

No other accessories aside from the large hat were added to Olivia's look, letting her breathtaking beauty and flawless figure take center stage. Her light brown hair was bunched up behind her head and completely damp -- likely from a dip in the water before the moment was captured. She also sported a gorgeous minimal makeup look that consisted of light brown eye shadow, pink lipstick, and a thick coat of mascara that made her striking features and piercing blue eyes pop as she gazed at the camera with a sultry stare.

Fans went insane for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model's latest social media upload. At the time of this writing, the post had already racked up nearly 7,000 likes within its first 24 hours of going live to Instagram. The babe's mega-fans took their admiration for the photo to the next level, with dozens leaving comments and compliments for her jaw-dropping display.

"You're so sexy," one person wrote, while another said that Olivia was "the epitome of beautiful."

"Thanks for blessing the world with this," commented a third.

Other fans expressed their hope that Olivia would be featured in the 2020 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

It only takes a short scroll down the model's feed to realize that this is hardly the first skin-baring snap she's shared with the social media world. Another recent addition to Olivia's page saw her posing on the beach again, though this time, she sported a minuscule, hot pink bikini as she lounged in the sand -- a look that sent her fans into an absolute frenzy.