Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Sizzles In Yellow Sports Bra And Leggings As She Squats For New Workout Video

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin showed off her impressive form in a new video posted to her Instagram page.

In the clip, Michelle rocked a mustard yellow sports bra and matching leggings that appeared to cling to every muscle of her lower body. The new video wasn't just meant to showcase her enviably toned figure, however. It was also meant to be instructional. In the clip, the fitness model was seen doing weighted squats and holding the barbell in front of her with an underhanded grip. In the caption, she explained that doing the exercise the way she demonstrated can help to avoid the development of back pain.

"This way to do squats is pretty awesome because when you have the weight in front of you like this, your knee will form a perfect 90-degree angle when in the lower position, and when you push yourself up, it will be through your heels," she told the camera.

She went on to suggest trying four sets of the squats, with 20 reps per set.

While some of her fans thanked her for the tips, others disagreed with her instructions.

"Holding the weight forward like that will put even more pressure on the lower back," one person wrote.

"Exactly, I don't understand why would it reduce pressure on the lower back by doing that? Makes no sense," another replied.

Other fans seemed more interested in her workout outfit. In the caption, Michelle revealed that her sports bra and leggings combo was from her activewear company which is called One Zero One. In the clip, she wore the Indiana leggings, which retail for $59 on the website. The matching sports bra cost $39.

This is hardly the first time Michelle has shown off her physical fitness on Instagram, but she isn't all work and no play. As The Inquisitr previously reported, last month she uploaded a video in which she shook her toned booty to a song by Latino artists J.Balvin, Rosalia, and El Guincho called "Con Altura." She wore a sports bra in that clip, too, but she didn't mention if it was from her brand.

Lewin also went viral when she was bitten on the butt by a wild pig in The Bahamas earlier this year. In the video, the model turned her back to the pigs for one second, which allowed a large one to take a big chomp of her glutes. As she scurried away, she started yelling in Spanish, obviously startled by the entire experience.

The video currently has over 7 million views on Instagram.