5 Teens Die In Crash With Tanker

Five teens died in a fiery crash with a tanker truck in Dumas, Texas this weekend, according to authorities. The tragedy occurred on Sunday, the same day that six teens in Ohio lost their lives in a fatal car accident.

The five teens in Texas, all between the ages of 15 and 17, died at the scene. The car they were traveling in allegedly ran through a stop sign and was struck by an oil tanker truck filled with fuel. The driver of the tanker suffered severe burns and remains in critical condition.

The tragedy took place in Dumas, located approximately 45 miles north of Amarillo.

16-year-old Jacob Paul Stipe was driving a Chevrolet sports utility vehicle, carrying four teenage passengers, when he allegedly bypassed a stop sign and pulled into an intersection.

A fuel tanker truck, driven by Ezequiel Garcia, slammed into the Chevrolet’s passenger side, according to Dumas police.

All five teens died in the crash while the tanker’s driver reportedly suffered severe burns over a significant portion of his body. Garcia was reportedly flown from the scene to a burn unit at a hospital in Lubbock.

In addition to driver Jacob Paul Stipe, two boys — 17-year-old Christopher Lee Moore and 17-year-old Derrek Lee Hager were also killed.

Sisters October Dawn Roys, 17 years old, and her 15-year-old sister Elizabeth Kay Roys both lost their lives in Sunday’s accident. October Roys is reportedly survived by an infant daughter.

According to Dr. David Bonner, the mayor pro tem of Dumas, many of the area schools are currently on spring break. However, news of the tragedy is beginning to fully impact the community.

Bonner explained by saying, “It’s had a big effect on the whole area and I think it always seems more tragic when you have a loss of life when people are so young.”

Several deadly car crashes involving teens have hit the news recently. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle collisions have steadily remained one of the leading killers of youths in the nation.

While they do not believe that alcohol played a role in Sunday’s tragedy, Texas authorities continue to investigate details behind what caused the five teens to die in a crash with a tanker truck.

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