‘The Conners’ New Promo Teases Dramatic Change To Darlene & David’s Relationship After 25 Years

The teaser for the love triangle promises, 'One moment will change everything.'

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The teaser for the love triangle promises, 'One moment will change everything.'

The Conners is about to wrap up a love triangle storyline. A new promo for the Roseanne spinoff teases that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) will finally make up her mind between longtime love David (Johnny Galecki) and new boyfriend Ben (Jay R. Ferguson). And based on the sneak peek, it looks like the decision could be more dramatic than a Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony.

In the promo for The Conners episode “Lanford…Lanford,” which you can see below, Darlene is seen confiding in Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) over the fact that she is torn between her two lovers. Darlene admits that after a rollercoaster two-and-a-half decades with David, she’s “afraid to stop trying.”

A subsequent scene shows the Conner daughter at a therapist’s office where it is teased that David “has a lot he wants to say” to her. The tagline for the episode teases that “one moment will change everything” for Darlene and David.

On The Conners Instagram page, fans had mixed feelings on how the love triangle storyline should play out.

“She’s loved him for 25 years buuuuuuut he abandoned them for 9 years, soooooooo. Although their history is nice – he’s got to go!” one fan wrote.

“I enjoy watching Ben and Darlene together,” another viewer added. “David reminds me of a kid that has a lot of growing up to do yet. This ship has sailed for David.”

“Gosh, I love David,” chimed in a third fan. “He’s always been one of my favorites. I hate that they made him a deadbeat dad. I hope they don’t make him look even worse. He’s trying to redeem himself.”

“I’m team David! The Conner family always walked all over him, especially Darlene. If he’s ready to demand/earn some respect, give it a shot!” a fourth commented.

Gilbert has talked about her character’s love triangle on the Roseanne spinoff, and she admitted she didn’t love kissing her two co-stars back-to-back as Darlene cheated. The Conners star even joked that she felt like she was in a scripted version of Bachelor in Paradise, ABC’s dating-themed reality show that is known for its serial hookups.

While Darlene and David have a long history together — not only was he her high school sweetheart but he’s the father of her two children, Harris (Emma Kenney) and Mark (Ames McNamara) — her relationship with Ben, her boss-turned-boyfriend, has proved to be more mature. David left Darlene and their kids hanging for years as he traveled the world, while Ben wants the mom of two to move to Chicago with him and help provide for her children.

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In an interview with TV Line, Gilbert said she does believe Darlene loves Ben but added that it’s “obviously different than a love of 30 years, with someone that you have children with.”

“In some ways it’s stronger and in other ways, it can’t compete,” The Conners star said of the two relationships.

Galecki’s David Healy character was first introduced in the Season 4 Roseanne episode, “The Bowling Show,” in 1992. Could 2019 mark the end for the character — or a new beginning?

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.