Kendra Duggar Shows Off Huge Baby Bump At The Beach On Family Vacation

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Kendra Duggar is now 35 weeks along in her pregnancy and she appears to be glowing. She is expecting her second child, a girl, with husband Joe Duggar. They will soon be a family of four and it looks like they are spending the last few weeks before the big event relaxing and enjoying time together.

The Counting On couple shared some photos of their recent trip to the beach before the baby’s birth on their joint Instagram account. They are spending some time with Kendra’s family, the Caldwells, in Panama City, Florida, an annual vacation they all take together. The snaps show Kendra looking amazing while sporting her growing baby bump. In the pics, she was wearing a white dress with blue printing as she posed with her family. One of the pictures had just her and Joe standing barefoot on the white sandy beach with the mesmerizing blue waves rolling behind them.

Kendra mentioned the little boy that was photographed with Garrett is his uncle Isaiah, although Garrett is actually five months older than Isaiah. Kendra’s mom, Christina Caldwell, was 28 weeks pregnant with her eighth child when they took their beach vacation last year, as seen in a previous episode of Counting On. At the time, Garrett was 3 months old. Now, it seems that the two boys are best buddies and enjoyed playing in the sand together.

During the previous trip to the beach, Mrs. Caldwell was having early contractions. Kendra explained that her mom was in a car accident when she was pregnant with her and since then she has had trouble with contractions in the middle of her pregnancies. However, all of her babies have been born healthy.

Another photo that was shared in the series showed just how much Kendra resembles her mom and her sister. Christina doesn’t appear to be old enough to have eight kids, looking to be more like a Caldwell sister than the matriarch.

Kendra is due in November, so she is getting down to the last few days of her pregnancy. She is far from the only Duggar girl who is due in the fall, however. Anna and Lauren’s due dates are coming up quickly and Abbie is expecting her first child with husband John David in January.

Cousin Amy just gave birth to her first child, a son named Daxton Ryan, on October 9, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The little guy will have plenty of cousins to play with in the coming months.

The new season of TLC’s Counting On will be premiering on October 15.