October 13, 2019
Baby Born With Three Legs & Two Penises Undergoes Life-Saving Surgeries

A Russian baby born with three legs and two penises survived multiple surgeries that saved his life.

The baby was also born with two sets of urinary organs and without an anus. Doctors in Moscow successfully delivered the baby by natural childbirth to an unnamed woman. The woman reportedly decided not to have an abortion after scans made while she was pregnant revealed that her baby had a third leg, The Sun reported.

Doctors had to perform an emergency surgery after he was delivered so he could defecate.

When the child was a month-old, Russia's top pediatric surgeons, Yury Sokolov and Evgenia Kartseva, removed the baby's third leg, which was situated between his normal legs. The leg reportedly had two heels.

In February, doctors performed another operation to remove the boy's extra set of genitals and urinary organs. After that, another surgery was in order to move the baby's anus to the correct position.

A medical source told The Sun that the child's condition was most likely a twin at conception.

"These had to be two boys, but (in the womb) it turned into just one baby," the source said.

The boy was born in July of 2018, but news of his case was only recently revealed.

Reportedly, the boy is now like any other toddler his age, walking and curious about the world around him.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time such a case has been reported. As The Inquisitr reported in September, an Indian woman gave birth to a baby with four legs and three arms.

In that case, twins were delivered -- a boy and a girl. The male twin was normal while the female twin had two extra arms and legs. Doctors believed that at one point, the twins were a set of triplets, but along the way, two of them became conjoined. Doctors also thought that the extra limbs could be removed, and the girl could live a normal life.

Babies born with extra limbs suffer from polymelia, and the condition has been reported to occur in humans and animals.

In 2017, the American Council on Science and Health reported that an Indian boy was born with four legs and two penises, who subsequently survived surgery to remove the extra appendages. The organization also reported that polymelia is rare, and generally, there is no known cause of the defect. However, it reported that genetics could be a factor, as well as certain infections, medications, and exposure to toxins.