‘God Of War: Ascension’: Critic Review Roundup

God of War: Ascension is getting some critical feedback already.

The first four and a half hours of God of War: Ascension shook up expectations, and left some critics worried. Riding atop a flying snake and going down slides much like Super Mario 64 made them wonder if the game wasn’t made by malfunctioning robots.

In the end, critics said that God of War: Ascension was fantastic. About the halfway point, the game gives you elemental powers and command over the undead. At that point, you’re likely thinking, “Yup, I’m Kratos, and I started the zombie apocalypse.”

Kratos is also given the power of Bob Vila. You can reform bridges from piles of rubble.

Dale North of Destructoid says of God of War: Ascension, “As I see it, the God of War franchise could have progressed in one of two ways. Either go bigger, or go deeper. Thankfully, God of War: Ascension does both.”

Dale North says the prequel story kicks off not long after Kratos killed his family, at a time where he is still dealing with that pain. Kratos is still the badass we all know, but he hasn’t quite earned all his stripes, er, scars.

Steven Williamson of PlayStation Universe says the freak-bashing extravaganza is back with a vengeance. Kratos is a little more human this time, showing a tender side that we all know he’ll lose later on. He isn’t just reveling in the bloodshed, as this game takes place ten years before the first God of War.

According to GameSpot‘s Mark Walton, God of War: Ascensionis a gloriously bloody adventure filled with exhilarating combat. He says this time, Kratos isn’t in a rage yet. He’s on a quest to find the truth, and still has a lot of “angering up” to do. Unfortunately, this factor makes God of War’s Ascension campaign a bit less exciting.

What do you think of God of War: Ascension?