WWE News: Hall Of Famer Tells Fellow Legend To ‘Go To Hell’ For Recent Twitter Comments


During the years that immediately preceded WWE’s “Attitude Era,” Bret Hart was known for his issues outside the ring with several members of the backstage faction known as The Kliq, particularly his fellow main-event mainstay, Shawn Michaels. While “The Hitman” has long put aside his differences with “The Heartbreak Kid,” it now appears that he still has issues with one other member of The Kliq — Kevin Nash, aka “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel during his WWE heyday.

According to WrestlingNews.co, Hart appeared at a Q&A session for the Inside the Ropes podcast in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday, where he shed light on various topics, including Nash’s recent Twitter posts about their time together in the mid-1990s WWE scene. The publication explained that Nash denied Hart’s claim about being offered a chance to join The Kliq as the group’s leader and also referred to the Montreal Screwjob — the booking swerve that allowed Michaels to win the then-WWF Championship from Hart in 1997 — as something that was actually part of the storyline and not a real-life double-cross.

As seen in this YouTube clip, Hart reiterated to the audience in Dublin that Kliq members Michaels, Nash, and Scott Hall all offered him a chance to lead the real-life faction, which would then “take control of the whole company.” The 62-year-old wrestling icon then accused The Kliq of denying several wrestlers a chance to move up the card, saying that he chose not to join the group because he felt their practices were “unfair” to the rest of the locker room.

Hart then took aim at Nash, blasting his fellow WWE Hall of Famer for his recent social media remarks.

“What I said last night in Belfast is absolutely true and Kevin Nash can go to hell.”

Kevin Nash clotheslines Bret Hart during a cage match in 1996.
Featured image credit: WWE

Per WrestlingNews.co, another Kliq member, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, took to Twitter and partly corroborate Hart’s recollections, noting that the Canadian legend was invited to join the group but not actually offered to serve as its leader. For his part, Nash also replied to a fan’s tweet as he put over Hart as a “great guy” but added that people should “move on” as the events being discussed took place well over two decades ago.

Nash is not the only WWE Hall of Famer whom Hart has recently had issues with regarding incidents from the ’90s that happened in and out of the ring. Last week, Hart threw shade at Bill Goldberg on former WWE announcer Sean Mooney’s podcast, suggesting that the former WWE and WCW world champion doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because he had a reputation as a reckless wrestler who injured a lot of his fellow competitors. Quite notably, Hart was one of those opponents, as his career ended after Goldberg inadvertently concussed him with a kick to the head during their time in WCW.