October 13, 2019
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Wears Tiniest Bikini Imaginable In Another Nod To 'My Hero Academia'

Liz Katz is on quite the My Hero Academia kick this week --- and just in the nick of time.

The cosplay model took to Instagram this weekend to post a very revealing glimpse at one of her outfits, donning a bikini so small that it barely kept her covered. Though the outfit was as small as possible while still conforming with the social media site's strict rules against overt nudity, fans were able to discern that the cosplay was the character Toga from the Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia.

The picture was a huge hit with Liz's fans, garnering thousands of likes and plenty of supportive comments. Katz has become one of the most popular cosplay models on Instagram, getting plenty of attention from celebrity news websites and men's magazines as she grew her Instagram following to 889,000.

As Liz said in an interview with Impulse Gamer, she always had a love of dressing up, so when she moved into modeling, cosplay seemed like the perfect fit. She has built a very large and devoted following, taking to the video-sharing site Twitch to connect with those fans.

Though some have pushed back against models using Twitch as a conduit --- especially as the site has a heavy gamer presence and models are sometimes seen as interlopers --- Katz said she doesn't take much heed of the criticism.

"The mindset of the general public is illogical. Violence is given the thumbs up but a pretty lady in lingerie or a bikini is considered frowned upon by the same people who approve violence in entertainment," she told the gaming news outlet.

"Personally I don't give a flying (you know what) about things other people consider acceptable or not."
The outfit Liz shared on Saturday was quite timely, as My Hero Academia returned on Saturday for its fourth season. The series is set in a world where humans have developed superpowers called "quirks," though the main protagonist was born without any powers and instead trains under Japan's top hero.Liz Katz's Instagram feed has been filled with My Hero Academia cosplay this week. As The Inquisitr noted, Liz shared another racy picture earlier this week in which she gave her take on the story's main character -- who happens to be a boy.Those who want to see more from Liz Katz --- including her sexy takes on everything from My Hero Academia to Stranger Things --- can check out her Instagram page.