Donald Trump Says He Wants To Sue Adam Schiff And Nancy Pelosi

President Donald Trump answers questions from the media while departing the White House.
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During a speech before the Family Research Council on Saturday, President Donald Trump said that he wants to sue Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, CNN reports.

The president frequently threatens perceived political enemies with lawsuits, and now he is threatening legal action against top Democrats in the House of Representatives, which is currently conducting investigations in what is a formal impeachment inquiry.

“We’re going to take a look at it. We’re going after these people,” Trump told the attendees.

“These are bad, bad people,” he added.

Trump said that he had already talked to his lawyers about suing Schiff. Even if he loses the lawsuit, the president suggested, the public will side with him.

“Sue him anyway, even if we lose, the American public will understand,” Trump said of Schiff.

“And sue Nancy Pelosi,” he continued, before floating another possibility.

Apart from wanting to sue Schiff and Pelosi, Trump said that he wants to see both Democrats impeached.

“Or maybe we should just impeach them, because they’re lying and what they’re doing is a terrible thing for our country.”

Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow confirmed to CNN that the president’s legal team is considering the option of suing the two top Democrats.

According to Sekulow, Trump’s legal team is currently “looking at all options,” and “nothing” is “off the table.”

The lawyer also said that the process is still “in the research stages,” indicating that no concrete steps will be taken soon.

However, in agreement with Trump, Sekulow compared the impeachment investigation to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, arguing that the president has been subjected to “political theater.”

“The pattern and practice of irregularities in this inquiry is reminiscent of the irregularities in the Mueller investigation,” he said.

In recent weeks, Trump has been escalating his rhetoric toward House Democrats, who — he claims — are embarking on yet another “witch hunt” meant to damage his presidency.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaks during a weekly news conference with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Capitol Hill.
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According to a complaint filed by an anonymous whistleblower, Trump pressured the government of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. In an effort to damage Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, the president threatened to withdraw military aid from Ukraine, according to the anonymous individual.

In response to the president’s alleged actions, the House of Representatives launched a formal impeachment inquiry.

The public has sided with the Democrats, latest polling suggests. According to a new Fox News poll, 51 percent of American voters are in favor of both impeachment and removal, and an additional four percent is in favor of impeachment only.