Lisa Eldridge Makeup Tutorials Go Viral, Help Women Of All Ages

Lisa Eldridge is a London-based makeup artist whose series of YouTube makeup tutorials have gone viral, providing women of all ages with useful tips on how to best utilize cosmetics to cater to their skin. Her YouTube channel has over 435,000 subscribers and has amassed over 36 million views.

Eldridge’s most recent video, “Glowing, Youthful Day Make-Up Look For Mature Skin,” is one of the few makeup videos on YouTube aimed at women over 50. While makeup tutorials are a very popular sensation on YouTube, most are aimed at more youthful women and teenagers. Eldridge’s latest video shows older women how they can still brighten up their skin and hide unwanted blemishes, even if they cannot mask the lines that eventually set in with age. The video has scored over 160,000 views in less than two weeks. Eldridge has read thousands of comments on the video, with many women grateful to have a makeup tutorial finally aimed at them.

Her website has grown organically via word of mouth without the use of paid promotion. The site has expanded to contain over 100 videos. Three years of videos are now available online.

Eldridge has over 20 years of experience and has worked in the likes of Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. She has appeared as the resident on-screen beauty expert for the British show, ‘Ten Years Younger,’ for three seasons and has serviced over 100 celebrities ranging from the likes of Katy Perry and Jada Pinkett to Robbie Williams and Princess Charlene of Monaco. She created a product line for the Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido and is now the creative director for the British cosmetics brand No. 7.

“I also don’t really buy into trends,” Eldridge told “Get the basics right. If the basics are right, skin looks great and natural and well done.”

Eldridge expressed having a lifelong affair with makeup that started when she was six after discovering her mother’s cosmetic collection. Rather than draw on her face, she painted on paper and experimented with water to see what effects she could create.

Each of Eldridge’s YouTube makeup tutorials land several hundred thousand views and give women a chance to learn from the best from the comfort of their own homes.