October 12, 2019
Amy Duggar Shares First Photos Of Baby Daxton, Sets Up Son's Own Instagram Account

Amy Duggar just gave birth to her and husband, Dillon King's, first child, Daxton Ryan, on October 9. She spent a couple of days in the hospital after having a C-section, but she is now home and enjoying her first few days of motherhood.

The new mom shared a snapshot on Instagram of her giving Dillon a smooch as they were just getting ready to get into their car to go home. Baby Dax is about ready to take his very first car ride. Amy is wearing a pair of blue leggings and a denim jacket with Mama printed on the back in bold red letters. Her hubby is in blue jeans and a red sweatshirt. Their new bundle of joy is sleeping soundly in his car seat as he is about to be toted home.

Also on Amy's Instagram stories is a close up photo of Daxton wearing a cute white outfit with lambs printed on it. He is wrapped in a fluffy white blanket and has a blue pacifier in his mouth that has his name on it. The Kings were also treated to a yummy dinner that looked to be homemade by a family member.

Amy Duggar also let her fans know that she had set up Daxton with his own Instagram account so that his name wouldn't be taken in the future. She has already sent out the first post of the family of three leaving the hospital. She is being pushed out in a wheelchair with Dillon carrying Daxton alongside her.

The Duggar cousin took to the social media platform on Wednesday to share that she was scheduled for a C-section that day. As The Inquisitr had previously stated, Amy and Dillon took off to the hospital that day and it was a bit of a surprise for her followers. She told them that her doctor thought it was the safest thing to do for both baby and mom.

Jill Duggar has already been to the hospital to visit with her cousin and to get in some cuddles with baby Dax. It's not known whether the rest of the family has seen the baby yet. Most of the Duggars are out of town, so it's likely that Amy, Dillon, and Dax will get lots of love when they return.

Amy is pretty active on social media, so there should be plenty of photos coming along. The first pic of the baby boy had the caption of "Daily Dose of Dax," so that is a strong hint that a daily snap may be coming.