Jill Duggar Catches Her Boys Red-Handed Turning Charcoal From The Grill Into Sidewalk Chalk

Jill Duggar just can't resist sharing real life as a mom of two boys with her fans. Sons Israel, 4, and Samuel, 2, seem to be keeping their mom pretty busy lately by getting into trouble doing things they shouldn't, such as making messes inside and out.

Taking to her Instagram on Saturday, the Duggar daughter shared a photo and a short video clip of what the boys were up to when she turned her back on them for a few seconds. The snapshot revealed black marks all over the patio with their toy car, tricycle, and rocking horse also in view.

While it looked like at first it may have been black chalk, Jill indicated in the video clip that it was actually charcoal from the grill. When asked what they were doing, Israel piped up and confessed that he and his little brother were making chalk. The evidence was all over their hands. The mom-of-two wasn't too happy with the mess that her boys made.

She made sure that they knew what they did was wrong.

"Is that what you're supposed to be doing? Are you supposed to touch the grill?" she asked.

Jill Duggar also said that they had hopped in a few mud puddles and had a little fun with grass clippings as well. As upset as she was, the picture that Jill posted had her followers laughing. Both boys have their hands up in the air, but it's Sam who was the center of attention in the photo. He not only has his hands up in the air, but his pants are pulled down exposing his diaper. Duggar fans absolutely loved it.

"Literally caught with his pants down," one person said.

"You know when your up to no good when your pants are down in diaper showing," another follower said.

Everyone seemed to love having the former reality star share her mom stories like this one. Many other moms commented with their own messy kid stories.

Just a week ago, The Inquisitr had reported that Israel and Sam had made an even bigger mess, and this time it was inside of the house. They took chocolate syrup, lemon oil, and water and dumped them all over the kitchen. They also made a nice pencil design on the walls. The 28-year-old mom took to Instagram that day to vent about it.

The Dillards just moved into their new home earlier this year. It appears that the little guys are breaking it in already.

If you want to see more of Jill Duggar and her family, go check out her Instagram.