Bombshell Fitness Coach Kelsey Wells Leaves Fans Breathless In Tiny Sports Bra And Booty Shorts

Kelsey Wells poses for a selfie in the gym
Kelsey Wells / Instagram

Kelsey Wells, a fitness trainer with 2.5 million followers on Instagram, delivered a hefty dose of workout inspiration to her Instagram followers on Saturday.

In her newest video, Kelsey is doing a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuit from her PWR program while wearing a tiny gray sports bra and black booty shorts that show off her lean yet curvy body. The circuit comprises of jump rope skipping, resistance band pull-aparts, burpees, and bent-over rows.

“HIIT doesn’t have to be pure cardio!” she wrote in the caption. “I absolutely love putting HIIT challenges with a strong focus together… This one raises the HR like crazy while torching those back muscles!”

In the comments, Kelsey’s fans seemed in awe of her physical fitness.

“I want to jump just like that. How!!!?!” one fan asked.

“You are amazing! So strong and motivating!” another gushed.

“Your form is always on point,” a third observed.

“You are an unbelievable bada**!” a fourth said.

This is hardly the first time that Kelsey has shared workout inspiration on her page. As The Inquisitr previously noted, she had the same effect on her Instagram following when she posted a workout video that focused on her legs and glutes.

The challenging weightlifting circuit included sumo deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, and sumo sit squats. The clip currently has close to 280,000 views and more than 350 comments.

As an article on Good Morning America’s website notes, the birth of Kelsey’s son was the catalyst that started her fitness journey. She later became a certified personal trainer and started creating her own programs which she promotes via her website and Instagram page.

“When I began exercising regularly, in the beginning, it was to help my anxiety and it really did… I’m so happy to be able to holistically deal with my anxiety now through exercise and eating well,” she said

But although it looks like she works out nonstop, Kelse told GMA that her day begins quietly with meditation so that she can be “centered” for the day ahead. She also revealed that she enjoys listening to a motivational speech or song during this quiet time.

That’s followed by her morning skincare routine and a glass of a green superfood smoothie. Later, she picks out her workout outfit and heads to the gym.

As her workout videos attest, she’s great at a number of physically demanding exercises but she said that barbell squats are her favorite.

“Barbell squats I feel like are super empowering and they are an excellent compound movement, so it’s seriously like a full-body workout in one move,” she added.

Fans who want to see more of Kelsey’s inspirational and informational fitness content can check out her Instagram page.