NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown May Be Angling For Return To New England Patriots When His Playing Status Clarifies

Michael ReavesGetty Images

Antonio Brown could have a most unlikely plan to return to the NFL — a reunion with the New England Patriots.

The All Pro wide receiver had a very messy split with the defending Super Bowl champions last month, being released after he faced a series of sexual misconduct allegations and sent an intimidating text message to one of his accusers — which he reportedly sent while he was still inside the Patriots team facilities. After he was released, Brown took to Twitter to attack Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

While that may seem like a bridge that is thoroughly burned, a new report from ESPN claimed that Brown may have designs to return to the team where he spent a little less than two weeks and played one game for this season.

“Sources told [ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler] that Brown would wait to sign with a team until it is clear he would be allowed to play,” the report noted.

“He’s also been training rigorously and would welcome a return to the New England Patriots, even if that’s unlikely, but most of all, he says he just wants to play.”

The report added that Brown hopes the league will soon clarify his playing status. Even though he is not currently on an NFL roster, Brown was still facing a league investigation related to the sexual misconduct claims. He still faces the possibility of fines or suspension, which would not be served until he signs with another team.

Brown had already hinted that he wants the Patriots to take him back. Even as he filed a grievance with the league seeking to recoup the guaranteed money that the Patriots took away when he was released last month, Brown dropped hints that he wanted the team to bring him back, Pro Football Talk noted.

“They still gotta pay me,” Brown said, which seemed to show confidence that he would win his grievance and force the Patriots to pay him the money owed. “They might as well let me earn it,” he added.

This came after reports that Brown was preparing to go on the offensive against both the Patriots and Oakland Raiders. As The Inquisitr reported, Brown prepared to take aggressive action against both teams to get back the money he believed he is owed, which amount to close to $40 million in unpaid salary along with fines levied by the Raiders during his short time there.