Canadian Playboy Playmate & Cosplay Artist Holly Wolf Exposes Her Cleavage In New Sexy Halloween Upload

Holly WolfInstagram

Being spooky and sexy at the same time is not something everybody can pull off, but for Playboy Playmate and cosplay artist Holly Wolf, it’s easy.

The Canadian model took to Instagram earlier today to post a throwback photo from a previous modeling gig which saw Holly get transformed into an ethereal mermaid. However, she didn’t become just any mermaid. According to the caption of her upload, she was portraying a “caught mermaid,” one who had been hurt and had blood dripping down her face and arm.

Holly gave her fans lots to look at, posting a series of nine photos from the shoot showing different angles and shots. She was dressed as one would expect a mermaid to dress, with seashells covering her curvy bust — and nothing else on top.

The white seashells had blue seaweed surrounding them to offer a little more coverage of Holly’s chest, but plenty of her cleavage was still on display. Her décolletage was bared to the camera, although eagle-eyed fans would be able to tell that a translucent mesh helped keep the seashell pasties in place. She had blue seaweed also covering her tops of her shoulders, and her fit arms and trim waist were fully exposed.

Other images in the series showed a variety of poses that focused on the model’s face and upper torso. Later on in the series, however, there is a full body shot of Holly. The Canadian cosplayer posed standing straight on top of a grouping of rocks, with the glittering blue sea reflecting the sun in the background. She was raised up on her tiptoes and had her left leg popped in front of her, allowing fans to get a good look at her fit and toned lower limbs. Her taut tummy was also fully visible in the shot, showing just how in shape the model is.

While Holly’s fantastic body and wonderful costume are definitely something to be excited for, the makeup and styling of the shot is what sets it apart. Not only does Holly have blue and purple scales painted on her face, neck, and shoulders, she is also sporting some series special effects work. A close look at the bloody makeup shows just what Holly meant when she said she was “caught” — a fishing hook had been added to the right side of her face and made to look like it was going through her cheek, just like what would happen to any other fish in the ocean.

The hook seems to start at the corner of Holly’s mouth and end right under her cheekbone. To add to the gruesomeness of the image, blood and torn skin was added around the hook, allowing it to appear further in her cheek, but also giving the shot some extra depth. The blood continued to down her neck in trickles and also appeared on her left shoulder.

Holly does a great job of mixing the macabre and the sexy and has teased that these shots are only just the beginning of her Halloween-inspired shoots. Fans wishing to keep up with her can follow her on Instagram.