‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Flaunts Killer Bikini Body With A Pig On Bahamas Beach

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Lauren Drain’s Instagram account appears to have received a fun update. The “World’s Sexiest Nurse” has been making headlines for her pregnancy, although this wouldn’t be the first throwback that the blonde has posted. The Inquisitr documented the social media sensation recently posting some classic pics. Lauren’s growing bump features her in maternity swimwear as of late, but it looks like the star was in the mood to showcase her pre-pregnancy body today.

Lauren’s photo showed her in a stunning setting with a geotag placing her in the Bahamas. The star was on the beach as she carried one of the island’s pigs; anyone familiar with Exuma will know that the cute animals are known to wander the beaches.

Lauren was seen flaunting her slamming bikini body as she was photographed full length, with the camera taking in her muscular frame, as well as her feminine curves. The star was rocking a bright red bikini with string ties at the briefs, with a little cleavage reminding fans that it isn’t just rock-hard muscle with this fitness fiend. Of course, the photo proved adorable by virtue of Lauren carrying that little pig. The star looked downward and smiled as she walked, with her free hand tugging at the strings of her bikini bottoms.

The caption seemed to suggest that Lauren might not keep the image live on her account, although fan comments coming in quickly saw users encouraging the star to not delete her snap.

Lauren has become somewhat of social media sensation. The star now boasts 3.9 million followers, with her Instagram bio pointing toward both her career in nursing, as well as her other achievements, including her fitness program.

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Which is your fave? Pose 1 or 2?!???? I took these photos at the beginning of April this year. ATTENTION LADIES PLEASE READ! I remember thinking, my abs & obliques aren’t showing enough, I wish I had curvier hips or bigger butt lol. Holy crap we women are so hard on ourselves! I know from experience working with thousands of women all over the world how much we scrutinize & judge our bodies looking for the tiniest of flaws or trying to find flaws where there are none. It’s like society has conditioned us to constantly look to be better or more than we are and has made us feel that we are never enough even when others may be looking at us and envying what we have. Looking back on my body and these photos I am blown away that I wasn’t more appreciative of my body back then. I am so happy to experience pregnancy and all the body changes I’m going through because it is making me appreciate myself, my body, my hard work. It’s humbling me and making me learn to love myself and stop looking for perfection and instead loving myself at every stage I’m at and to be proud of all the progress I have made and can make over the years. Ladies there’s room for progress, but love yourself every step of the way and appreciate where you are now. You’d be surprised, you may look back at yourself one day where you are now and absolutely love and envy what you have now. Love yourself and remember progress, not perfection.

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Lauren’s website offers blog posts, with the star speaking to her readers with encouraging words.

“Maintaining a healthy weight is about a lot more than just the numbers you see on a scale, It also includes achieving a suitable body composition. While weight loss and inches lost often go hand in hand it is possible to lose many inched [sic] without seeing the scale budge at all,” Lauren wrote.

“When embarking on a weight-loss or body transformation journey it is important to take both measurements into consideration when measuring your weight and fitness achievements and gauging the success of your workout plan,” she added.

Those workout plans seem to be earning Lauren cash, which will be handy for when diapers start becoming a household item.

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