Ashley Tisdale Flaunts Her Style & Flair In Fun Instagram Video

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At just 34-years-old, Ashley Michelle Tisdale has had a very successful career in Hollywood that includes singing, acting, and producing. Notably, the actress rose to fame thanks to her role as Maddie Fitzpatrick in the Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Presently, Tisdale has a few different projects in the works, including the filming of an upcoming Netflix series. She is also the star of the CBS series Carol’s Second Act. As a report from FOX News reminds her fans, Tisdale has been open and honest regarding her struggles with anxiety and depression for a while now. She, however, reports being in a “good headspace” following the release of her new album, Symptoms. As those who follow the music side of her career know, this is the first time Ashley has dipped her toes into the music industry in a decade.

The actress and singer treated her Instagram followers to a fun video just a few hours ago.

It was just five hours ago that Ashley Tisdale shared a fun video clip of herself flaunting her style and flair for the camera. The video featured the song “Dancing In The Moonlight” by the rock band Toploader.

The video oozed with fall fashion as Ashley rocked a black-white-and-gray plaid jacket on top of a short-sleeved white t-shirt.

The video kicked off with Tisdale coyly fidgeting with what viewers could assume was her lips as she had most of her face covered by her hand. The clip transitioned to Tisdale using her hand to push her gorgeous brunette locks out of her face while rocking a pair of dark sunglasses. The actress twisted her body and positioned herself in several different poses. The video then flashes several times between the actress wearing and not wearing glasses. Without the glasses, she continues to fidget with her face in a shy manner.

Later in the clip, the actress can be seen doing a slow twirl toward the camera as the jacket slides down her arms. Ashley beams with joy as she has a huge smile plastered across her face.

The video comes to an end with the actress putting her plaid jacket back on before twisting her body and putting herself into a few more different poses.

Her followers loved both the music and the video itself.

Presently, Ashley Tisdale has 11.6 million followers on Instagram. Inside of five hours, her followers have viewed the video over 40,000 times and left over 130 comments.

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You see my essence, you see my glow. #LookingGlass

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Many insisted the only thing more perfect than her was her choice in music. A few of her followers even begged her for a follow-up video that included her dancing.

Overall, none of her fans had anything negative to say about the video.