‘Professional Smokeshow’ Kindly Myers Heats Up Instagram In Tiny Red Bikini And Heels

Kindly Myers Instagram

Kindly Myers, a Playboy model who calls herself a “professional smokeshow,” gave her fans a treat on Saturday morning when she popped up on Instagram in a tiny red bikini and heels.

Unlike some of her previous photos, Kindly was indoors for this one, looking back at the camera. Although she was siting down on a stool, fans still got to see a generous view of her shapely posterior.

In the caption, the blond bombshell revealed that she’ll soon be in Mexico. It doesn’t look like the trip will be all vacation fun, however. She also wrote that she was traveling to compete in the Miss USA Swimsuit International pageant. According to its Instagram page, the competition is the “the largest & most respected model search worldwide.” The event will be held at the Sandos Playacar Resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

In the comments, fans seemed to focus more on Kindly’s beauty than on reading her caption. Some of the compliments were more outlandish than others.

“Sensually you are the most shocking goddess of the Olympus!” one fan wrote.

Another admirer outlined how they’d romance Kindly.

“A dark room… A red bed.. next to the candles around the candle… and on the table there are fresh and hot dishes of champagne..” they wrote before adding more lurid details.

Kindly often inspires these infatuated comments as she regularly posts tantalizing photos of her enviable figure on Instagram.

As The Inquisitr reported, she received similar comments from fans when she posted a photo of herself in a minuscule floral bikini. In the caption, she implied that a change of season wasn’t going to stop her from wearing skimpy swimwear.

“The way I see it, it’s still hot girl summer,” she wrote in the comments.

Kindly’s background has given her the ability to handle herself in case any of her too-eager fans try to accost her in public.

The model used to be in the military. As Heightline reports, she joined the army straight out of high school and became an Automated Logistical Specialist. She was also a member of the National Guard. She sometimes references her military past in her Instagram photos, like this one from earlier this year.

In an interview with Rambling Beach Cat, she opened up about the lessons she gained from the experience.

“Basic training taught me a lot about myself. I learned that I am much stronger than I ever thought I was, both mentally and physically. I also got to shoot many different types of guns and rocket launchers. It was fun and I met some great people,” she said. “I am also confident that I could kick someone’s ass in hand to hand combat if the situation arose.”

Fans wanting to see more of Kindly’s stunning photos can check out her Instagram page.