Carrie Underwood Flaunts Killer Legs In Glitter Hot Pants

Jason KempinGetty Images

Carrie Underwood’s famous legs have made an Instagram appearance again. The singer delivered another of her fantastic mash-up videos chronicling her “Cry Pretty 360” tour appearances and posted it on her social media account.

While she sometimes posts a photo of her gearing-up ahead of a show, Carrie will nearly always share a video after one to mark the night and thank her fans. A recent post-show video showed the star wowing in a see-through mini dress.

Carrie’s most recent video showed her performance in the Boston area, with the post offering both on-stage and backstage moments. Fans seem to love seeing Carrie in both situations, with the latter offering them an insight into how the singer feels behind-the-scenes. In the video, she rocked outfits previously seen before as well as a new one.

Her looks consisted of liquid-effect pants worn over a pair of tiny shorts, a great silvery glitter getup, and a hot pink glittery dress. The famous blonde was also seen flaunting her killer legs while wearing a pair of tiny hot pants in the same glittery materials. She paired the tiny shorts with white cowboy boots.

Perhaps the most fun part of the video for fans was Carrie’s backstage moment after her Mashantucket, CT show. She was covered up in a big black coat and was clearly excited. However, she took on an almost sarcastic tone as she casually told viewers she “sang some songs.”

Fan comments have been pouring in expressing their admiration for the singer.

“U made me cry with such happiness throughout the concert. Boston loves u and I love u. U r such a huge inspiration to me. I love u!!!! Have a great rest of tour! Be safe,” one fan told the star.

“The end! Never change! We love your dorky side!” a second comment read, in answer to Carrie’s third hashtag on the post.

“Do you realize how cute you are? You are so perfect,” gushed a third fan.

Comments left on Carrie’s stage show videos often see that night’s attendees turn up to thank the singer. Responses are also left from fans who are getting ready to see her at her next stop.

“I’m on the floor for her concert this Sunday and I need ideas to write on a sign! It’s my birthday and I want a selfie with Carrie, help me out,” a fan wrote.

Fans looking for more footage of Carrie’s tour can follow the star on Instagram.