Norwegian Bombshell Hilde Osland Sizzles In Skintight Yoga Shorts That Hug Every Curve

Hilde OslandInstagram

It’s little surprise that Norwegian bombshell Hilde Osland looks quite at home in exercise wear. After all, the blond beauty is known for her killer body, and many of her fans have claimed that she has a perfect posterior. It’s part of the reason that the Scandinavian stunner has been able to amass a fandom of over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

In addition, exercise is in Hilde’s blood. She was originally a professional snowboarder, and even moved to Canada to pursue her passion before returning to Australia, where she grew up. The move to warmer weather has meant that Hilde can post even more revealing pictures, much to her fans’ delight.

One example of this is her latest post, where Hilde wears a black sports bra and black yoga shorts that barely cover her derriere. The top consists of a classic triangle-shaped bra. It features an extremely low-cut neckline, and has three pink straps on both the front and back to keep her assets contained.

The combo of the sports bra and yoga shorts means that her tanned and toned torso is on full display, showcasing her hourglass figure. Her small waist is doubly emphasized by the high-cut nature of her yoga shorts, which also feature the three pink straps in the back. Black and skintight, they hug every curve, and are so short that they barely offer full coverage to her perky posterior.

The first picture in the quadruple photo update has Hilde facing away from the camera, so that all focus is on her derriere. She is tossing her long blond hair, and it glimmers slightly in the sun.

The second picture is nearly the same, though this time Hilde’s hair falls gracefully down her back. The third picture has Hilde looking over her shoulder, giving the camera both a sweet and sultry look.

The last picture has Hilde facing the camera. She is looking down and pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. The low-cut nature of the sports bra is finally apparent, as her cleavage is on full display.

Within under half an hour, the post earned over 10,000 likes and around 200 comments.

“Love you more everyday!!!” gushed one fan, with the fire emoji, along with the heart-eyes and kissing faces.

“My definition of perfection,” added another, with a red heart.

“Stop teasing me! Just kidding,” joked a third, with the kissing face.

The Scandinavian stunner also wowed fans in another recent update, as covered by The Inquisitr. Hilde sizzled in a trendy bodysuit while wearing pigtails.