Carrie Underwood Talks About Her ‘Involuntary Body Spasms’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Carrie Underwood wouldn’t be lying if she said that her songs move her. During a recent interview with Pollstar, the “Love Wins” singer opened up about the profound physical effect that singing has on her body.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Carrie is currently traveling the country on her “Cry Pretty Tour 360,” and she’s been wowing fans with her powerful performances and the stylish, sparkly outfits that make her shine like a diamond on the stage. However, while fans might love listening to her impressive voice and looking at snapshots of her gorgeous concert costumes, what Carrie recently said might make them pay more attention to her body movements.

According to Underwood, many of her songs are “vocally challenging,” but she never gives her fans less than her best when she’s performing for them. However, pushing herself to the limit during every difficult song comes with a shaky side effect.

“I definitely use my whole body,” Carrie said. “I have involuntary body spasms when I sing, which is funny because I don’t realize it when I’m actually singing. When I look back at performances on TV, and I didn’t realize, it sort of catches you.”

Carrie Underwood revealed that she occasionally becomes aware of what her body is doing while she’s singing, and this makes her feel “awkward.” Because of the effect that this awareness has on her state of mind, she thinks she does a better job when she gets completely wrapped up in her music.

“My best performances are when I’m lost in the songs. Just surrender to the music, really throw yourself into it.”

According to Carrie, this is also why she doesn’t bother with choreography; she just lets the music move her where it will instead of counting steps. She said that any time she’s tried to choreograph her performances, it just doesn’t feel right, and it has a negative effect on her vocals.

However, going with the flow instead of planning her every move certainly hasn’t cost Carrie Underwood any fans, and it didn’t prevent her from earning the honor of being nominated in the Entertainer of the Year category for the 2019 CMA Awards.

Carrie said that she’d “be lying if I said I didn’t want it,” but she also admitted that she’s not the type of person who will go out of her way to campaign for the award by begging people to vote for her. Instead, she’d rather keep her focus on crafting the best songs and concert experiences that she can for her fans.

“I could say, ‘I’m just doing this for the fans,’ because there’s a lot of truth in that. And I’d rather be the person who doesn’t win, but should,” Carrie said. “But I look at the things that go into it: performances, album, tour, vocals, the songs. I want to be the person who truly excels at all those things.”