Donald Trump Breaks Silence On Bernie Sanders’ Health, Says He ‘Lost His Chance’ At Nomination

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As Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders concentrates on recovering after suffering a recent mild heart attack that essentially grinded his 2020 presidential campaign to a full-stop, President Donald Trump seized on the candidate’s temporary weakness on Friday night in front of a crowd of his supporters.

During a campaign rally in Louisiana, Trump proclaimed to the large audience that Sanders may not be in the presidential race much longer, claiming it’s “inevitable” that the senator drops out, presumably because of health reasons, according to the Washington Examiner.

“It looks like Bernie lost his chance, right?” Trump said to the crowd. “Bernie was hitting a baseball today to show how strong he was. There just wasn’t a lot of bat head speed. Bernie, get better fast. It’s the only time I’ve ever said anything good about him.”

The president then took a shot at Sen. Elizabeth Warren after doubling down on what he believes is 78-year-old Sanders’ eventual exit from the 2020 contest. His Friday remarks on Sanders’ health were the first time he’s spoken on the subject.

“It looks like when Bernie gets out, which seems inevitable, when Bernie gets out, it looks like those will go to your radical leftist Elizabeth Warren,” Trump said.

Doctors revealed that the firebrand progressive candidate experienced a heart attack last week after experiencing chest pains. Upon his release from the hospital, Sanders posted a video that showed him taking part in a baseball game.

Sanders is expected to make a full recovery and is still scheduled to appear at the next Democratic presidential primary debate on October 15.

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sanders is no stranger to unfortunate health events in 2019. His latest scare marks the third incident this year, which even raised a question by The Washington Post about Sanders’ “age, health and ability to keep up with the rigors of a national campaign.”

The first scare came shortly after his announcement that he would run for the presidency. Sanders reportedly fell in the bathroom and struck his head on a shower door that left him with seven stitches. Further details of the incident were never made public by his campaign. In September, Sanders announced the cancellation of several campaign stops, citing problems with a hoarse voice.

The Sanders family recently experienced another tragedy this week unrelated to the candidate’s personal health. It was revealed this week that the senator’s daughter-in-law, Dr. Raine Riggs, succumbed to a short battle with neuroendocrine cancer. She was reportedly only sick for three weeks before being diagnosed with the disease and passing two days later.