Hannah Brown Talks Faith And Sex In Candid Interview

Hannah Brown was unlike any bachelorette the franchise has seen thus far. The reality television star and former Miss Alabama had no problem with being herself and admitting her own imperfections during the most recent season. Brown didn't pretend to be poised and perfect and was comfortable acknowledging that she wasn't always graceful and dignified.

It was perhaps how relatable she was that made Brown's season as entertaining and popular as it was. Now the star is opening up about where she is now along with more serious issues involving faith and sex, according to the Alabama website.

Brown was especially vocal about her faith during her season and made it clear that she was looking for someone who also had a firm belief in Christ. Nevertheless, her faith was later used against her when her intimate moments with some of the men became public news.

One particular contestant, Luke Parker, infamously questioned Brown's faith after finding out that she had previously had sex. Brown earned vast praise when she stood up for herself and her faith, insisting that her sexual history did not make Jesus love her any less.

Looking back, Brown is now proud that she defended herself instead of retreating in shame.

"To feel wrong or that I was bad or dirty from a man who had just told me that he loved me? It killed me. And then made me mad. But also it killed me because it put me back in a place. But then I also had this sense of strength and power. And the strength won. And I'm really proud of that."
Brown went on to discuss her own view of Christianity, emphasizing that she feels the faith is meant to be based more upon loving others without judgement than trying to find fault among one another.
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brown's season of The Bachelorette hardly turned out the way that she expected. While she did end up forging strong connections on the show and even falling in love, the experience ultimately ended in heartbreak for her. Brown initially became engaged to musician Jed Wyatt but called things off upon discovering that he had a girlfriend waiting for him back home that he didn't tell her about it.

Now, Brown is currently single, but is at a point of contentment in her life. Rather than focusing on dating, she'd been busy performing on Dancing with the Stars.