Donald Trump’s Troubles Inspire Sexy Impeachment Halloween Costume

Win McNameeGetty Images

Donald Trump is making impeachment sexy with a little help from Yandy, the lingerie company that recently made headlines with its scandalous college admissions scandal Halloween costume.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Yandy’s latest Halloween offering inspired by a current event references the ongoing impeachment inquiry into the president’s alleged abuses of power, including the solicitation of foreign assistance for his re-election campaign.

Donald Trump often references a popular Halloween character when raging against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats leading the impeachment effort. According to Time, the president complained about “the insane impeachment witch hunt” during his first campaign rally after the inquiry into his conduct was launched. However, Yandy’s “Miss Impeachment” Halloween costume doesn’t reference witches or those who hunt them.

Instead, the cleavage-baring costume seems to be a nod to Trump’s beauty pageant past as the former owner of the Miss USA competition. It includes a peach-colored, pageant-style gown with a plunging neckline and a high slit on the right side. The cheeky outfit also comes with a sparkly tiara and a white sash embellished with peach decals and the words “Miss Impeachment.” One final accessory hammers home the costume’s inspiration — a silver whistle on a necklace, which is a visual reference to the whistleblower whose revelations ignited the impeachment inquiry.

The Miss Impeachment costume is priced at $79.95 on the Yandy website, and its product description includes a warning for those who might be tempted to engage in impeachment-worthy behavior, like trying to pressure the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on the son of a political opponent.

“Is that the sound of a whistle blowing? It turns out there are eyes and ears everywhere,” the description reads. “Claiming collusion won’t get you any justice, but curves like these will get you sent down in history.”

It also encourages wearers to “smile and wave while you reflect on your questionable acts,” and assures them that there is “no quid pro quo required” to procure the costume.

In its tweet promoting the Miss Impeachment costume, Yandy used the hashtag #25thAmendment. The 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows for the removal of a president if he or she becomes mentally or physically unfit to fulfill their duties as commander-in-chief.

For Trump fans who are turned off by the sexy impeachment costume, Yandy is still selling a more Trump-friendly costume that re-imagines the president as the scantily-clad, MAGA hat-wearing “Donna T. Rumpshaker.”