Halle Berry Stretches In Spandex Bra With Her Head Upside Down, Showing Insane Flexibility

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Halle Berry has just posted an Instagram photo that wowed. The Catwoman actress is known for having one of the fiercest workout bodies in Hollywood – Halle may be in her 50s, but this is one muscle machine who’s got the body to rival starlets half her age. Halle incorporates yoga into her lifestyle, and her social media updates regularly showcase the yogi inside her.

In fact, it seems like this woman lives in workout mode. Halle stunned Instagram by running up steps while topless earlier this year, although today focused more on the stretching than the cardio.

Halle’s latest photo showed her striking a pose that more than showcased her insane flexibility. As to anyone wondering how hard her pose was, all it takes is trying it out and seeing that attempting the position is pretty tricky. Halle was seen photographed from the front as she stood with both legs stretched apart while reaching to the floor with her hands. Her head was upside down by virtue of her position, as fans got to see proof of the actress’s muscles as well as her flexibility.

The wardrobe was a simple one, but it more than allowed Halle to flaunt her physique as she was rocking a tight black spandex sports bra and a matching pair of leggings. In her caption, she talked about fitness and mentioned that it’s the end of the workweek.

Halle’s Instagram frequently encourages anyone following the account to give the yoga lifestyle a go. She also takes to her Instagram stories with in-depth tutorials, either alone or with her trainer. Also mentioned on the star’s account is her love of nature, with a recent Instagram post mentioning this as well as her status as a mother.

“If I can state the obvious with y’all? I love the outdoors. Nature is my sanctuary – a place to clear the mind, cleanse the soul and put my priorities in place. This #SelfCareSunday, I encourage you to explore the natural world – a nature trail, your backyard, a public park – and take a moment to sync up with the what really matters,” Halle wrote.

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“I love taking my kids on these kinds of trips, but this can also be a great opportunity to fly solo and re-connect with yourself,” the star added.

Halle does seem to be one of those celebrities who is aging backward. Then again, with her focus on fitness, it’s little surprise that Halle looks so great.