‘Black Ink Crew’s’ Young Bae Flaunts Hourglass Figure In A Tight Mini Dress

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Black Ink Crew’s Young Bae recently caught her fans’ attention on Instagram with a couple of sultry photos, which showed her rocking a red bodysuit. Since then, Bae has gone on to share multiple updates, including her newest post, which showed her sporting a black mini dress.

In the update, Bae posed against a white wall. She stood next to a small table, balancing herself with her right hand and placing her right foot in front as she gave a coy look. The mini dress, which had small polka dots throughout, hugged Bae’s curves and allowed her to flaunt her hourglass figure. The front of her dress featured sheer sleeves and a low neckline.

The reality TV star accessorized with a couple of necklaces. One was a choker-style necklace with hardware in the middle that resembled a cat. She also wore a longer one that featured an oval charm.

Young pulled her hair up in a very high ponytail and wore purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

The photo received over 8,900 likes in the first couple of hours since it went live. Fans left a variety of compliments in the comments section, with some focusing on her captions.

“Waiting for some kpop to play xx looking good bae,” said a fan.

“I love when you look extra Korean,” another follower remarked.

In addition, the tattoo artist shared a photo of her family yesterday, featuring herself, her mother, and her son, Niko. Bae rocked glasses with a bright blue frame, while her son could be seen smiling while wearing a gray hat.

In the captions, Young went into depth about her recent trials and tribulations. This prompted many of her followers to leave nice messages in the comments section.

“You are amazing person thank you for sharing your story with us,” said a fan.

“Family is everything! glad everything is getting better for you,” a second admirer commented.

“I love you!! take care of yourself mama I felt ur story tonight on the show! you are so d*mn strong!! keep pushing beautiful!!” exclaimed a follower.

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Shout out to us strong mothers! We ROCK PERIODTTT!!!!!! We make everything and anything happen for our love ones and we often forget about us and our well being. After I had niko I went through so much physically and mentally. I’ve never not felt sick, I never stop feeling nauseous/ bloated etc so NO I had no idea I was pregnant for couple of months and had a miscarriage on top of that. Plus I had a rare case of ectopic pregnancy dissolving itself. I just got cleared from that a month ago. I had to go see my doctor every week to make sure my pregnancy level was down to 0. That almost took 3 months. I felt sick x 100000. Going through all this.. I realized i have to take care myself!! I was tired of feeling unhealthy. This is why I started my fitness journey. To feel healthy again!! To feel like myself again!!! Us mothers have time for everything but for ourselves!! we need to realize that we have to make time to take care of ourselves even if it’s for 20 mins a day!!! We have to feel healthy and happy so we give out good energy to our kids!!! Remember I was telling y’all about me creating a three months fitness program for us busy moms?? It’s been a month and I’m doing amazing. Can’t wait to share the result in two months. ????????❤️ #mommystrong #fitbae #mombod #postbabybody #postpartum #mother #mommylife #workingmoms #love

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While Bae shared private details about her health in the aforementioned post, she also revealed that she is going through the drama of having her son’s father walk away from the relationship. The details are unclear, but it certainly looks like Bae is focused on her son right now.

Fans can tune in to VH1 next Wednesday to catch the next episode of Black Ink Crew: New York.