Kate Beckinsale, 45, Jokes About Her Trainer’s ‘Little Towels’ While Getting Her Stretch On

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Kate Beckinsale is really flexible. She also isn’t making a big deal about it, which makes the video she posted to Instagram today all the more amazing.

In the video, the Underworld actress is going through a stretching routine with her trainer, Brad Siskind. During the clip, he pushes her leg up until it’s above her forehead. Anyone who has attempted the move knows firsthand that it can be extremely painful, but Kate doesn’t even grimace. Instead, she smiles and laughs as he pulls her leg to the side in an equally intense stretch. She grins during that experience too and even finds time to poke him in the armpit later on.

She continues that nonchalant attitude in the caption, where she jokes about the little white towels that her trainer is using and quips that they might join the circus.

In the caption, fans weren’t so blase about Kate’s show of awesome flexibility.

“Damn!!!!!” one fan simply wrote.

“Jesus wept that is flexibility,” another exclaimed.

“Omg. I’ll be able to do that after my hip replacement,” a third follower joked.

“Holy human pretzel!” another Instagram user added.

As The Inquisitr reported, Kate has previously shown off her gift for extreme stretching on Instagram. In a previous photo, she had one leg elongated against a dumpster while on the set of the movie Jolt. She was photographed while getting her makeup done, as it was clear that the men applying her makeup were only a bit taller than the dumpster. While her chic boots added some inches to her height, they didn’t make her stretch any less impressive.

The photo has accumulated close to 150,000 likes and more than 1,500 comments since the day it was posted.

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While it’s evident that stretching is a part of her fitness routine, she does a variety of exercises to keep her body in shape. Her “longtime trainer,” Gunnar Peterson, told Us Weekly last year that she’s very intense when it comes to working out. He’s known for doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with his clients and, according to Us, his sessions are known for being brutal.

“When she’s in town, she’s five to six days a week and she’s no joke,” he said of Kate. “I mean, she’s definitely a do-your-own sets, do-your-own stunts kind of girl. She gets through it. She can do it with a poker face. But she is working.”

That last bit about the “poker face” may explain why she seemed so calm about the aforementioned extreme stretching session.