Google Glass Will Eventually Include Prescription Option

Google Glass

The Google Glass project will eventually include the option for prescription glasses.

Google confirmed via the Google Glass G+ page on Tuesday that it would create a system for prescriptions to be fulfilled in future models.

The Google Glass setup does not currently support prescription glasses. The company says it is rectifying that problem with a new design for future generations of the wearable technology.

The first Glass project known as the Explorer Edition requires custom lenses that fit the devices output.

Google says the new design for iteration two of Google Glass will be unveiled before the end of 2013.

The Google Glass design will become modular which will allow for various new options including different types of prescription lenses.

It seemed silly that Google Glass failed to provide prescription options from the on-set. However, Google has been hard at work in proving its new concept, proof that has overshadowed compatibility among all users.

Here is a photo of Greg Priest-Dorman, a member of the Glass team, wearing the company’s new prototype, which is currently in testing.

Google Glass Prescription Lenses

For now, it looks as if glass wearers will be the only group not taking advantage of Google Glass during its initial consumer release.

Buying a pair of prescription Google Glasses won’t be cheap; the Google Glass setup is already expected to cost over $1000, and glass wearing users will have to add on hundreds of dollars for the cost of prescription lenses.

In the meantime, Google Glass is pretty much everywhere these days. There was even a funny “Google Glass Dating” video released to YouTube:

Are you willing to pony up a ton of cash to take advantage of prescription supported Google Glass? Thankfully, I won’t have to make that decision until the prescription model rolls around.