Pamela Anderson Bursts Out Of A White Bikini While Knocking Over A TV In Heels, And Fans Can’t Take It

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Once a bombshell, always a bombshell. Pamela Anderson might be 52-years-old, but the Baywatch star has still got it. Pamela is fairly active on Instagram, although followers of the famous blonde’s account will know that she often dedicates her posts to causes that she works for.

The scantily-clad updates always prove a hit, no matter what the agenda. Pamela ditched her pants recently, and it seemed to get her fans going a little wild. The same thing happened again today.

Pamela’s newest post showed her photographed in black and white and rocking what she’s best-known for: a bikini. The star appeared in a white halterneck two-piece, with the minimal top definitely flaunting those world-famous assets. Pamela was snapped full length, and she was accompanied by a fun and unusual accessory.

Pamela used her right foot to tip back a television set, and she held the remote in her left hand. Given that Pamela was doing the whole thing in high heels, the result was pretty sexy. The TV was angled up as she was pushing it back with her shoe, although fans may well have had their eyes a little higher up, as the camera took in the blonde’s killer frame.

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#votegreen ????????????

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In the caption, Pamela encouraged her fans to consider the environment when voting. Politics aside, it seems like her fans can’t take the heat.

“Wooooow,” one fan wrote.

“Wow, that’s hot,” another said.

“Golly,” said a fan who was taken aback.

Pamela’s Instagram has been very active on the causes front of late. The star has been fighting for the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with her updates often mentioning him. The model has even appeared on The View recently, where she got into somewhat of a debate with Meghan McCain over Assange, as People reports.

“War crimes need to be punished and they haven’t. The war crimes that he’s exposed, no one’s done anything about it. But they put him in jail to shut him up. And it’s not just America. He’s exposed Russia, he’s exposed all sorts of different countries,” Pamela said, defending the WikiLeaks founder.

Pamela was also vocal when asked if Assange supported President Donald Trump.

“No. He wasn’t helping Trump, he was trying to tell the American people true information that Hillary Clinton was doing so people could make an educated choice. And I think FBI kind of put the nail in that coffin,” Pamela added.

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