Blond Smokeshow Anna Katharina Pulls Down Jeans To Reveal Bikini Bottoms In New Instagram Photo

Anna Katharina is kicking off the weekend by shedding her blue jeans.

In the most recent post on her Instagram page, the blond bombshell is peeling off her denim pants to reveal a pair of bikini bottoms underneath. She also wears the matching string bikini top, which shows off a large expanse of her cleavage. Anna's blond tresses are down around her shoulders and she's offering the camera a seductive stare. She had a hilarious way of describing the look on her face in the caption.

"You need to sneeze but make it fashion," she wrote.

Anna has become known for poking fun at her modelesque poses in her captions. As The Inquisitr reported, in a previous post, she showed off her sense of humor when writing about a photo in which she was lying down in the sand.

"How little kids come back from recess after you tell them not to get their clothes dirty," she wrote.

She also made a joke about herself in a post where she's wearing a patterned bikini from Fashion Nova.

"This hairstyle is called 'just walked through a bunch of spider webs,'" she wrote of the wispy blond hair in her face in the Instagram caption.

Based on the comments of her most recent post, fans didn't seem to notice the joke in her caption. Instead, they seemed very focused on complimenting her beauty.

"Sooo gorgeous and perfect," one fan wrote.

"You're so adorable, I can just eat you up," another infatuated admirer added.

One fan compared her to a celestial being.

"Like an angel coming down from heaven," they gushed.

Unfortunately for all of the besotted fans in her comments, Anna Katharina is off the market. She's currently in what seems like a happy relationship with model, realtor, and athlete Davey Fisher. He recently popped up on her Instagram page in a photo where they were getting affectionate with one another on a boat. She was wearing a pink bikini in those photos as well, and it appears to be the same one that she wore in her most recent Instagram post.
In another, Anna posed with her head against Davey's shoulder as they took a photo at a restaurant.
Anna makes frequent appearances on Davey's Instagram page as well. In one photo, they appear to be having the time of their lives as they run into the ocean together. In a more recent video, she's helping him do some extreme pushups. In the caption, he calls her his "WCW," which is Instagram speak for "Woman Crush Wednesday."