‘The Challenge: WOTW2’ Spoilers: Here’s What Happens Next Between Jordan Wiseley And Turbo Camkiran


Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2.

Last Wednesday’s episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 saw an explosive fight between Jordan Wiseley and Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran. Fans had been waiting for the blowout since it was teased in the season’s trailer, and also due to the rumors that Turbo had been booted off the show during filming. Other than a shove, things never got physical between the two Challenge champions, and the episode ended with an apology from Jordan to Turbo. The Inquisitr previously reported on Turbo being DQ’ed from the show, but now more details are coming to light.

It seems like everything ended there, but some reunion spoilers and a deeper dive into the trailer will reveal that it’s not over. In the first trailer for the season, there is a very brief clip that shows Turbo being held back by Theo Campbell and some other unidentified people. Turbo is in a fit of rage, and this incident is taking place in the house. For this tiny portion of the clip, Jordan is not in the shot, but many are suspecting this has something to do with him. The Challenge Vevmo page has posted spoilers from the reunion, which taped last week in the United Kingdom. There was a lot of discussion about Turbo, who was not at the taping.

According to an insider, it’s a separate confrontation between Jordan and Turbo that had the War of the Worlds champion kicked off the show, and possibly even banned from returning. This upcoming fight begins with Ashley Mitchell, who relays some information to Turbo. According to the spoilers, Ashley apparently tells Turbo that Jordan said the Survivor Turkey winner was not a strong competitor this season. This aggravates Turbo, which sparks the next fight between the two men.

It appears as if they do not make physical contact, but Turbo allegedly threatens Jordan’s life, as well as his family’s life which results in him being eliminated from the show. At the reunion, Jordan claims he did not ask production to have his enemy removed from the show, but then revealed he did speak with producers because his girlfriend Tori Deal told him to. The details surrounding who spoke to who are very murky, with other rumors suggesting other people in the house were uncomfortable with Turbo and wanted him removed as well.

After Wednesday night’s episode, Jordan made it seem like Turbo was not kicked off the show or banned because of their first fight in a confusing tweet.

“Lol at the losers who thought Turbo got kicked or banned for that scuffle tonight. Serves you right for looking at the spoiler accounts,” Jordan tweeted.

Fans were quick to point out that Turbo might not have been disqualified because of their first fight, but it was their second altercation that did him in.

For now, it’s still unknown if Turbo is banned from The Challenge for life or not.