Brazilian Bombshell Erika Gray Shows Off Her Curves In What Could Be The Tiniest Denim Jacket Ever Made

Erika Gray apparently didn't have time for the tailor to finish making her denim jacket.

The Brazilian beauty shared an Instagram shot on Friday showing herself rocking a pair of white lingerie bottoms and a jean jacket so incredibly small that it came nowhere close to covering her up. The jacket was just enough to keep Erika from breaking Instagram's strict rules against overt nudity, but did little else.

Though the jacket was tiny, the reaction from Erika's fans was huge. The picture racked up thousands of likes and supportive comments within minutes of being posted.

"Drop dead gorgeous," one person wrote.

"Girl you are beyond goals," another added.

The picture was a bit of a return to her normal attire after Erika stretched herself a bit this week. The Instagram model seems most in her element when she's wearing incredibly revealing clothing — and sometimes nothing at all --- but she changed up her style a bit this week in posting a series of glamorous shots from a highly produced modeling shoot.

Erika's feed is filled with images of her wearing skimpy bikinis and form-fitting evening wear, which she wears to promote some top fashion and swimwear brands. Erika's curves have become one of her most important assets, allowing her to promote the "curvy" line of fashion brands.

The glamorous photos seem to show that Erika is expanding her modeling reach, moving beyond the racy shots that seem to dominate the Instagram modeling landscape. That could be a boon to her career, as Erika has already grown her Instagram following to 2.3 million. While Erika hasn't revealed exactly how much money she makes for her work, social media experts say that models generally earn $1,000 for every 100,000 followers they have.

As they move even higher up the Instagram landscape, the paydays can grow to enormous sizes. The Inquisitr reported, model Hailey Baldwin, the wife of pop star Justin Bieber, said that she makes up to $150,000 for a single post --- and that's not even close to the highest payday.

"I've heard of people making $1 million off of one photo," Hailey said in an interview for the Netflix documentary called The American Meme, per Insider.

While Erika likely earns closer to $20,000 for her modeling work, her ability to promote lines aimed at full-figured women could help her make even more in that niche.

Those who want to see more from Erika Gray can check out her Instagram page.