‘World’s Hottest DJ’ Nata Lee Drops Jaws In See-Through Underwear On Instagram

Nata LeeInstagram

Nata Lee is officially dropping jaws. The “World’s Hottest DJ” seems to have that effect on her fans every time an Instagram update from her goes live. Nata Lee’s tiny little tennis skirt blowing up just yesterday seemed enough to drive her fans into somewhat of a meltdown.

Today didn’t bring the bare-bootied tennis skirt scenario – rather, it brought a whole lot more. Nata Lee’s most recent Instagram update saw her wear completely see-through underwear.

Nata Lee’s photo showed her sitting on the floor in a slightly messy room. The star seemed to be packing, with a caption that suggested she’d be hitting the road. Eyes were likely less on the array of clothing and more on the stunning model and social media sensation taking up the foreground, though. Nata Lee was seen wearing an off-the-shoulder white crop top with delicate black detailing, with a pair of white and fully sheer briefs showing quite a lot. Nata Lee herself didn’t make eye contact, as the star was looking downward.

Nata Lee was definitely flaunting her fabulous figure, although her beauty was up there with it. The blonde was looking beautifully made up with rosy lips and defined brows. Her bombshell blonde hair fell loose around her shoulders.

Fans have been losing their minds.

“WOW HOT STUFF,” one fan wrote.

“Repost 10,000,” another keen fan said.

Unfortunately, many of the comments left weren’t quite the kind that can be published, but Nata Lee did seem to have her fans gripped in every way possible. Fans also left fire and heart emoji.

“So sexy,” one fan wrote.

“Wow honey, you just made my day,” was another comment.

“Stunning,” another starstruck fan added in the comments.

As for the update’s overall popularity, it seemed that a lot of people were digging the snap. Nata Lee’s lingerie photo managed to rack up over 88,000 likes within the space of two hours. The same time frame brought over 920 fans into the post’s comments section.

Today did bring something unusual from Nata Lee: the caption was lengthier than the ones often seen on the star’s feed. Given that Nata Lee is Russian, many of her captions come in her native tongue, although today did send fans a reminder that Nata Lee is fully fluent in English. Of course, the star also tagged her photographer, which she regularly does.

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