Noah Cyrus Flaunts Her Toned Body As She Posts Touching Instagram Upload For Mental Health Awareness Day

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Noah Cyrus has opened up about her battle with depression and anxiety once again. Miley Cyrus’ 19-year-old sister took to Instagram yesterday to write a poignant post for World Mental Health Awareness Day on October 10. Not one to ever shy away from her fit body, however, Noah also showed off her toned and taut physique in the post.

In the three photo series, Noah can be seen posing with fellow musician Lauv, as well as talking with him and two other people on a panel. In the caption, she thanked Lauv for inviting her to speak at his event for mental health, saying she was glad for the opportunity to discuss her depression and anxiety.

The first photo in the upload featured Noah posing with the “Feelings” singer against a pure white background. The youngest Cyrus sister posed side-by-side with Lauv, holding her hands on either side of his face to pull him in close for the snap. For the event, Noah wore a pair of neon-green sweatpants that matched a button-up short-sleeved shirt of the same color. She wore the shirt open, exposing the small white crop top she was sporting underneath. The tiny top revealed a large swath of skin and flaunted the singer’s flat and toned midsection. Eagle-eyed fans may recognize the outfit from a post she uploaded earlier this week.

She styled the look by wearing her long, dark hair down and parted in the center. She accessorized her outfit with a simple silver chain around her neck, single bracelets around each wrist, and single rings on a few of her fingers. Her nails were painted in a similar green color to what she was wearing, and she sported a minimal makeup look for the event.

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#mentalhealthawareness - please don’t ignore someone you see that could possibly be hurting. be kind to everyone and spread love. theres so much more beyond the surface and beyond what you see. a fake smile or laugh can hide so much pain. if someone comes to you for help PLEASE consider their feelings and LISTEN. if we are speaking about it LISTEN. it takes so much to open up. something ive struggled with so much is self confidence. looking in the mirror was a struggle. if u cant accept yourself for who you are then how are you supposed to live day by day? if you HATE yourself? its impossible. theres been times where i couldnt leave my house out of fear of being seen by anyone. when i would speak out about these issues they werent taken seriously and i wasnt being heard. it felt like everyone saw this as some excuse when really I WAS TERRIFIED of life itself and coming to terms with the fact that this is my life, brain, face, body, etc because i felt trapped. like i cant escape myself or my own mind. my depression almost won about a year back. my ability to do what most “normal” people are able to do was gone. it made me feel ashamed and defeated. when i got the courage to speak up and ask for help it changed my life. every day is still a struggle but I WILL GET THERE!!! WE WILL GET THERE! keep speaking up!! help others and help YOURSELVES!! be kind to yourself and others! LOVE AND BE LOVED!! @lauvsongs thank u for having me at your panel for mental health and for giving me the opportunity to come and address my anxiety and depression to help others. thats all ive ever wanted to do with my platform. To hear our full discussion, go check out Lauv’s YouTube.

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The second photo in the series showed Noah and Lauv sitting together on a couch. While they both had microphones in hand, it seemed they weren’t actively talking to an audience. Rather, they seemed to be enjoying a funny exchange with one another.

The third pic in the series showed what looked to be the full mental health awareness panel. Noah was sitting on a couch once again, only this time, she seemed to be speaking.

Noah added a lengthy caption to the photo, discussing her struggles with not only depression and anxiety, but learning to love herself for who she is. She opened up by talking about being willing to listen to those who may be struggling, then continued to speak about her own biggest struggle, which she said was self-confidence. She then ended on a positive note, telling her followers that they will succeed and get there together, and to keep speaking up and helping people.

Noah’s post didn’t go unnoticed. It received over 189,000 likes and over 500 comments in less than 24 hours since it’s been live. Celebrities and fans alike took to the comments section to express their admiration for the singer and her candidness about her life’s journey.

“You are amazing. Thank you for being so open and honest. So inspiring,” Paris Hilton wrote, adding a red heart emoji to her comment.

“Noie…. this is amazing… I love you so much,” her mom, Tish Cyrus, posted, also adding a red heart emoji.

Fans that would like to see Noah’s full discussion on mental health can head over to Lauv’s YouTube channel.