Jon Gosselin Is 'Absolutely Furious' Over Ex-Wife Kate Filming 'Kate Plus 8' Special With Kids 'Illegally'

The Gosselin family is making headlines again as ex-spouses Jon and Kate battle once more over their eight children. Not long ago, Kate was seemingly blasting her ex-husband for allegedly trying to "destroy" his kids. Now, he is taking aim at his ex-wife as well as TLC for filming some of the family's kids in what he says was an illegal move.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, TLC aired a new Kate Plus 8 special that featured most of the Gosselin crew sharing updates. Kate prepared to say goodbye to twins Mady and Cara as they moved to New York City to begin college, and four of the family's teenage sextuplets were part of the special as well.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, dad Jon said he was furious over this special being filmed recently. He alleges that neither Kate nor TLC had the proper paperwork in place to film the teens.

Jon says that last year, the Department of Labor denied filming permits for the Gosselin kids. When the case was taken to the courts, a judge ruled that it wasn't in the best interests of the teens to be filmed. Jon says all of that is still in place.

Despite that, the family was filmed, sans Collin and Hannah, for this recent Kate Plus 8 special.

"They put profits and ratings ahead of the well being of my children and filmed illegally without work permits," claims Jon.

The Daily Mail details that it confirmed with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry that they had not issued any permits related to the Gosselin kids for current filming projects.

The Gosselin family navigated a lengthy back-and-forth legal battle last year over the idea of the kids filming additional specials and episodes for TLC. As of the last legal decision rendered, Jon says that Kate and TLC were not given the authorization to film the kids.

"TLC [was] completely aware of the court order but filmed anyway. They filmed in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Now I'm even more upset because Kate Plus Eight aired against my permission, Kate filmed my kids without written consent from me."
During the special, Kate mentioned that she was sad Hannah had chosen to stay with dad Jon rather than join the rest of the family on a filmed trip to North Carolina. Jon claims that this is inaccurate, as he alleges that Hannah didn't know they were filming and hadn't been invited to join them.

Gosselin went on to say that he believes greed and narcissism on Kate's part drove her to defy the orders in place. Not only that, but Jon figures TLC will just pay whatever fine they may face for defying these orders.

At this point, it seems that both Kate Gosselin and TLC have declined to comment on Jon Gosselin's claims about Kate Plus 8 filming in defiance of standing court orders.