Richard Decker Charged With Harassing Farmers Who Wouldn’t Let Him Have Sex With Their Livestock


A New Jersey man has been charged with harassing farmers who wouldn’t let him have sex with their livestock, including by allegedly putting homemade tire-slashing devices on the driveways of farmers who spurned him.

As The San Francisco Chronicle reports, Richard Decker, 31, was arrested on October 3. Authorities say that he had been sending letters to local farmers, using various aliases such “TackyChaps,” in which he’d politely lay out his reasons for wanting to have sex with farm animals, and ask for the farmers’ permission to proceed. Additionally, he would attempt to make contact with the farmers through email and/or Facebook and Craigslist postings.

“The reason I am contacting you today is because I am attracted to equine and wanted to ask… would you please give me the permission to meet and possibly have a sexual relationship with one of your horses?” said one letter.

In an email, he described himself as “an animal lover who is open to experimental dating” and offered to pay for the animal’s care “in exchange for an expectation of privacy for the relationship.”

Farmers in and around Sussex County, where the letters were sent, weren’t keen to allow a stranger, or anyone, for that matter, commit a crime against man and nature with their livestock.

horses grazing in a field
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Facebook groups soon started popping up in the area’s farming communities, warning farmers that a man with designs on having sex with their animals was trying to make contact with them.

Then the tire-slashing devices started showing up.

Known colloquially as caltrops, the devices are made of sharp metal and built in such a way that a sharpened edge is always pointing up, regardless of how it rests on the ground. Soon, farmers who had spurned the would-be animal defiler were having their tires slashed by the devices. Others found them before it was too late, whether in their driveways or along the rural roads that they would traverse.

Once again, Facebook groups starting popping up, warning rural dwellers of the new hazard.

Additionally, the spurned animal defiler, again using aliases, left lengthy negative Yelp reviews for the farmers’ businesses.

Eventually, New Jersey police honed in on Richard Decker. It’s unclear how they attached him to this crime, but what is clear is that when police searched his home, they allegedly found caltrops, as well as arrows with explosives attached, a homemade.22 caliber gun, and homemade explosive materials. Decker allegedly admitted to sending the letters asking for permission to have relations with the animals.

Decker has been charged with second-degree possession of explosives; second-degree possession of a destructive device to use unlawfully; fourth-degree procuring an animal in any kind of sexual manner or initiate any sexual conduct with an animal; fourth-degree threatening to commit aggravated assault; fourth-degree knowingly manufacturing firearms; and multiple cyber harassment charges.