Kathy Griffin Reveals Mom Maggie's Struggle With Dementia: 'I Miss Her'

Comedienne Kathy Griffin recently shared a heartbreaking post to Instagram regarding her beloved mother Maggie's struggle against dementia.

She said in the post that she "misses" her mom, who does not recognize her anymore. She also said that it felt like "just yesterday" that she was still able to have full conversations with her mom, whose personal escapades have been a part of her comedy routine for many years.

Griffin has been open about her mother's declining health. It was in January of this year that the comedienne revealed that her mother was suffering from memory loss.

"As heartbreaking as this is, I feel the need to share some important info about my mom, Maggie. I've always been honest with you all, but this one is really hard. My mother has rapidly fallen into the throes of dementia," Griffin said in a series of statements on Twitter.

She also assured her fans at the time that her mother was not in pain and getting 24-hour care.

The funny lady revealed that she had what she called her last "coherent conversation" with Maggie in September when the 98-year-old woman was still able to recognize her. Griffin revealed that it was up until a couple of years prior that Maggie was sharp-minded and that no one could "get anything past her."

Griffin has always referenced her mom in her stand-up shows.

Some of her best jokes about her mom always included a box of wine, Maggie's irreverent take on the world, and her daughter's famous friends and career.

Back in 2010, Maggie wrote a book called Tip It! The World According to Maggie Griffin, and she and her daughter went on a book tour together, with Kathy promoting the paperback release of Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According To Kathy Griffin.

"I will tell you I'm nervous about her doing a book signing because she's kind of like Lindsay Lohan. I don't know if she's going to show up on time. I know if she's going to be sober. I don't know if she's going commando — I don't know what to expect," Kathy quipped of her mother's scheduled appearance, as quoted by the Orange County Register.

Griffin reportedly learned a lot from her mom, including being frugal with money. She has reportedly earned over $75 million over her three-decade career and lives in a home she paid for outright with no mortgage.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Griffin trolled President Donald Trump regarding a retweet he published on his Twitter account about Rep. Adam Schiff, in which Schiff reportedly fell for a prank call from Russian pranksters.

The comedienne recently toured with a 27-date stand-up show titled "Laugh Your Head Off World Tour." She also made a short film titled A Hell of a Story.