Russian Bombshell Irina Dreyt Wears A Super Skimpy Black Thong Bikini

Russian bombshell Irina Dreyt is a wildly popular model on social media, with over 857,000 followers on Instagram alone. It's easy to see why the brunette beauty has such a fandom in one of her latest pictures. In the shot, she models a black bikini, with a super skinny thong cut that shows off her derriere to its best advantage.

That said, Irina is not just a model, but also a businesswoman. She co-owns the modeling agency set up by Aleksandr Mavrin, known as Mavrin. This means that pictures of the stunner appear both on her own and Mavrin's account. This one is from the latter.

In the picture, Irina is standing in a pool, with her back to the camera in a very tiny black bikini. The pose is able to showcase her hourglass figure, albeit from behind. Her black bikini is tied at the back, and reveals a small angel tattoo on her left shoulder blade.

However, fans will no doubt be most focused on her incredibly perky posterior, which is on full display thanks to the skimpy thong cut of her bikini bottom. The ties at the side of the bikini bottom fall against the curve of her hip, emphasizing her fantastic figure all the more.

Irina's hands are placed around her head, as she plays with her hair. In the background is a lush view of green trees, and then the blue ocean.

The picture earned nearly 12,800 likes and around 55 comments.

"Irina has the most amazing body omg!!!" gushed one awestruck fan.

"Beautiful view as always," joked a second, with several red hearts and a heart-eyes emoji.

"Gorgeous," sighed a third.

Irina herself had also posted the picture to her Instagram account, though slightly earlier this week. More recent pictures included one where she relaxes in a pool with "World's Hottest DJ" Nata Lee, who herself recently dropped jaws in a tennis skirt. Another more recent upload was where she wore a pair of white jean shorts while un-buttoning her blue oxford blouse.

This latter one earned much love from fans, as the white pants emphasized Irina's deep tan, and her open shirt sultrily exposed her white bra underneath. Fans also loved that Irina was wearing her glasses, adding a little geek cuteness to the mix.

The update earned over 48,000 likes and around 475 comments.

"So, so gorgeous," proclaimed a fan, adding a red heart.

"Too hot," added another, with several fire emoji.

"Marry me," joked a third lovestruck fan.