‘General Hospital’ Welcomes Brad Maule Back To Port Charles, Dr. Tony Jones Reappears

Craig SjodinABC Press

Paging Dr. Tony Jones! General Hospital is welcoming one of its most beloved characters back to Port Charles very soon. Brad Maule is returning to his iconic role for a one day stint and fans are so excited by the news.

There had been plenty of chatter going on after GH actress Leslie Charleson tweeted out a photo on Thursday sharing that Maule was on the show that day and that she was very happy to be back with her “old pal.”

The two were seen standing beside each other with Jacklyn Zeman and Ryan Carnes on either side as well. That photo seemed to indicate that he was on set not just for a visit, but that he was actually filming. Charleson quickly deleted the post. Shortly after that, TV Line confirmed the news that Maule is, indeed, returning to his old stomping ground.

As much as General Hospital fans would love for Tony Jones to return from the dead, that is not to be. His ghost will be making an appearance to someone that is not known right now. The character died 13 years ago from encephalitis that had plagued the people of Port Charles. Tony was married to Zeman’s character, Bobbie Spencer, who is still on the soap today.

It’s expected that Tony will be showing up to help someone out. Unlike the recent haunting of the dead and angry Kiki Jerome, whose ghost just appeared to Ava, Tony’s appearance is likely to be a bit more comforting.

Social media is going crazy with excitement after the news broke out about Brad Maule’s return. The speculation going on is that Tony will be showing up to help his and Bobbie’s adopted son, Lucas Jones, after he finds out that Wiley is actually Michael’s child, not Willow’s. It is going to be one big mess when that happens and Lucas will be heartbroken. Having Tony show up to comfort his son would be logical.

Brad Maule is best known for his heartbreaking scenes when his and Bobbie’s daughter, BJ, was killed in a bus accident. Her heart was given to her cousin Maxie and Tony’s goodbye to BJ has been one of the most iconic scenes in the soap’s history.

If the rumors are true that Tony will appear to help Lucas through his pain, then that means that Brad’s secret will soon be outed and Michael will get his son back in just a few short weeks. The Inquisitr has indicated that Brad will once again confront Julian about the Wiley secret on Friday’s show and Julian will not be happy. Brad is getting desperate and things will begin to unravel quickly.

While no details have been confirmed on what exactly brings Tony Jones’ ghost back, it must be a huge thing. Keep watching General Hospital to see what will happen to lead up to Brad Maule’s return.