Elizabeth Hurley Shares Adorable Throwback Photo With Her Son As A Baby, Melts Instagram's Heart

Elizabeth Hurley celebrated "Throwback Thursday" with an adorable photo shared to Instagram. Earlier today, The Royals star delivered a gorgeous throwback snap of herself and her son, Damian, as a baby, and melted Instagram's heart in the process.

In the photo, Elizabeth is seen cradling her newborn baby boy as the two curl up on the floor in front of a sumptuous Victorian armchair. Snapped in a lavish-looking interior, the ravishing British actress and model snuggles her baby against her chest as the mother and son pose for a splendid shot that is both elegant and candid.

A large bouquet of plump pink roses completes the chic decor, adding to the palpable vintage vibe of the picture. The same floral motif is mirrored by the plush carpet on which Elizabeth is sitting, one sporting a similar cream color as the opulent antique armchair.

Given that Damian is now 17-years-old, the photo was likely taken circa 2002. According to the caption, the picture was snapped at the luxurious Ritz Hotel in Paris, France. While this is not the first throwback photo of her son that Elizabeth has shared to Instagram, it is one of the few, rare snaps that take a trip down memory lane all the way back to Elizabeth's first days as a new mom. Earlier this summer, the 54-year-old stunner wowed fans with a sun-kissed beachside snap of herself and Damian as a toddler.

The Austin Powers actress looked nothing short of spectacular in the picture. Known for her stylish makeup and elaborate signature look, one that famously features dark eyeshadow and a pink glossy lipstick, the Estée Lauder spokesmodel sported a fresh-faced, makeup-free look that let her natural beauty shine through. As she looked directly into the camera with an enthralling gaze in her stirring blue eyes, she gave a coy smile to the photographer.

"You look angelic and serene in this photo," remarked one of Elizabeth's followers.

Clad in nothing but a white fluffy robe, the English beauty cut a casual figure in the lovely snapshot. The Bedazzled actress wore her long tresses in a relaxed style, letting her locks freely cascade down her back and over her shoulder. Her stylish bangs framed her beautiful face, highlighting her gorgeous features. She sported a golden wrist watch, which added a touch of glam to the shot.

Meanwhile, baby Damian donned a blue onesie that made his cerulean eyes truly pop.

Although casually dressed, Elizabeth still managed to look sophisticated in the intimate snap. Her radiant beauty and innate elegance imbued the photo with an air of refinement that caused quite the sensation on Instagram.

"You look great!! Beautiful photo, you haven't aged!!!" exclaimed one of her adoring fans.

"You haven't aged a day," noted another Instagram user, as followers took turns at complimenting the actress on her age-defying beauty.

The throwback pic was very well received by Elizabeth's adoring fans, who showered the actress with love and sweet messages of appreciation.

"Such a lovely picture," wrote one person, adding a two-hearts emoji for emphasis.

"Amazing photo," read a second message, followed by three heart-eyes emoji.

"Lovely," was a third reply, trailed by a string of heart emoji.

"Beautiful memories," penned a fourth fan.

"So beautiful, such a wonderful moment," commented a fifth.

The last time Elizabeth shared throwback photos of her son was in celebration of Damian's 17th birthday on April 4. At the time, the actress celebrated the happy occasion with two snapshots of Damian as a baby and a more recent picture of the two together, one snapped during their April trip to the Himalayas.