Fitness Model Jasmine Chiquito Shows Off Her Famous Physique In White Lingerie

Jasmine Chiquito is showing fans that she got it from her momma.

The fitness model wowed fans with a racy Instagram picture where she rocked some white lingerie and flaunted a physique that matches her famous mom. The picture was a huge hit with fans, drawing thousands of likes and all manner of supportive comments.

"You're so gorgeous," one person commented.

"Simply flawlessly beautiful," another wrote.

While Jasmine Chiquito has made quite a name for herself as a fitness model and Instagram sensation with more than 900,000 followers, she is still somewhat in the shadow of her famous mother. Jasmine is the daughter of Kiara Mia, the similarly well-proportioned model and adult film star.

Kiara found some crossover fame earlier this year when she was spotted on a few dates with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Their relationship was actually a boost to Jasmine's career as well, as a number of stories about the short-lived romance mentioned Kiara's daughter and her Instagram modeling career.

While both mother and daughter made their name in the entertainment realm, Jasmine has taken a different path and opted for a strong focus on fitness. On her website, Jasmine shared that she started her fitness journey back in 2014 and has seen a significant change since then.

Jasmine shared that when she started weightlifting, she was 115 pounds and was able to grow to 145 pounds and 21 percent body fat. Just as much as she loved the physical changes to her body, Jasmine said she appreciated how weightlifting made her feel better mentally.

"I fell madly in love with weightlifting, and even more in love with the transformation not only physical but mental," she said, via Meaww. "The results are truly unbelievable. This is absolutely a lifetime commitment. Once trying a taste of this fitness world I couldn't get enough. Working out is my life!"

Jasmine Chiquito now shares some of her workout life with her Instagram followers, frequently posting videos of her time in the gym pumping iron. In one recent video, Jasmine told fans that she needs to keep up her weightlifting in order to maintain her curvy physique, saying that "if I don't lift enough I get skinny."

Jasmine shows the fruits of her labor often on Instagram, posting some sexy glimpses of herself in skimpy lingering, revealing fitness gear, and tiny bikinis.

Those who want to see more from Jasmine Chiquito can check out her Instagram page.