Miley Cyrus Reveals Unconventional Treatment After Surgery, Complains About Being Alone

Miley Cyrus recently underwent surgery after being hospitalized for tonsillitis, and fans were relieved when she revealed that the procedure was a success. However, Miley is not recovering as quickly as she would like to, and her haste to get well has her experimenting with an alternative method of healing.

On Thursday, Miley took to her Instagram stories to give her fans an update on how she's doing. She wrote that her surgery yesterday "went amazing," and she's starting to feel some relief. However, her pain level is still too high for her to sing.

"Just couldn't imagine being able to sing in this state," Miley wrote. "Taking my voice from me is torture."

Miley Cyrus punctuated her statement about how unhappy she is with a crying emoji. She also complained that being stuck in bed is no fun, and she complained about being bored and alone. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her new boyfriend, Australian musician Cody Simpson, kept her company for a while after she returned home from the hospital, but it looks like he wasn't around when she shared her most recent update.

"Worst part of being an adult... sick days aren't all popsicles and warm soup anymore," Cyrus wrote. "It actually just means a boring AF day alone in bed!"

Miley revealed that she's had doctors and nurses visiting her at home, and she's hoping that she can recover in time for this weekend's Gorillapalooza concert. She also shared two photos of herself in bed, including one in which she has two crystals lying on her chest. She described the rocks as the "most magic medicine."

According to Parents magazine, as shared by Yahoo, crystals are commonly used by practitioners of alternative medicine who believe that they possess healing energy. The rocks are placed on various parts of the body and are supposed to cause "healing energy to flow into the body and negative, disease-causing energy to flow out."

Miley Cyrus hasn't said whether she believes that her crystals have helped her at all. However, an hour after her initial Instagram updates, she did reveal that she wasn't suffering from being alone anymore. She shared a photo of one of her rescue dogs, Bean, keeping her company by snuggling up on top of her covers.

She also shared a more optimistic view of her current circumstances, revealing that she's found at least one reason to feel better about the way things are going for her right now.

"I love doing whatever the f*ck I want," she wrote.