Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Brad Asks Julian For More Help And Gets An Unexpected Response

General Hospital spoilers for Friday hint that Brad might regret asking Julian for another favor. Over the past year, Brad has relied on Julian for a lot of help, and as The Inquisitr previously shared, he will go back to his father-in-law and ask for more. However, it seems he might just push things too far this time.

Julian spent months knowing that Wiley wasn't the baby originally placed with Brad and Lucas for adoption. However, he only recently learned that the tot was Michael and Nelle's biological son.

Brad asked Julian to have Obrecht eliminated because she knows the truth about the baby. While Julian considered it and started to tinker with her car, he ultimately decided he couldn't do it.

Now, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Brad will reach out to Julian and ask for help again. It seems quite likely that Brad will hope that Julian can do something to help him in dealing with Nelle, considering how rattled he was by his recent conversation with Nelle at Pentonville.

Whether Brad wants Julian to do something about Nelle or is asking for help in some other manner, spoilers for General Hospital from the sneak peek for Friday's show tease that Julian will have a very strong reaction during this encounter with Brad.

The preview shows Julian with his hands around Brad's neck, seemingly furious with Brad and choking him. It also appears that Ava walks in and sees this, and will be stunned.

Of course, it could be that this plays out a bit differently during Friday's show in comparison to what the preview appears to suggest. The show does love to fake out viewers with what appears to be a major development when it's actually a daydream of sorts.

For example, that very thing happened not long ago when it briefly seemed that Hayden finally told Finn the truth about their daughter. She didn't, but the show certainly wanted viewers to believe it was a real conversation at first. It seems possible that Julian choking Brad could be something similar.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that next week, Brad will go to Nelle's parole hearing. At this point, little else about Nelle, Brad, or Julian has been revealed in terms of what's coming up over the next week or two.

Willow and Lucas both think that they can relax now that Shiloh is dead and no longer a threat to Wiley's safety. However, Brad knows that Nelle could turn everything upside down, and she certainly seems to have something in mind.

Will Nelle either get parole or break out of Pentonville and try to go on the run with "Wiley"? Fans are anxious to see Michael reunited with Jonah, even though it will mean significant heartbreak for Willow and Lucas. General Hospital spoilers have teased that this secret may finally be revealed soon, and viewers should learn more during Friday's episode.