'General Hospital' Thursday Spoilers: Laura And Curtis Share Updates With Hayden

Thursday's episode brings more action involving Laura and Curtis, tease the latest General Hospital spoilers. Fans have been loving the latest adventure that has paired Genie Francis and Donnell Turner together again, and teasers indicate that they will be meeting with Hayden to share the latest developments on the codicil search.

As viewers saw in a recent episode, Laura and Kevin poked around at Wyndemere while Nina and Valentin's wedding began. Kevin determined that the necklace Helena was wearing in the unsettling painting seemed to contain an essential clue about this mysterious codicil believed to have been created years ago by Mikkos.

After Kevin explored his theory, he and Laura came to believe that the codicil does truly exist and that it is hidden somewhere on Spoon Island. Now, General Hospital spoilers detail that Laura will fill Hayden in on this theory.

Fans suspect there is quite a bit more that is yet to be revealed about Hayden's determination to find this codicil. She is working with Jax to find it, and she claims it's because she wants to see the Cassadine estate returned to Spencer. Hayden asked Curtis to help with the search, and he admitted the details about his poking around to Laura.

Why is Hayden so set on finding this, and why is Jax involved? The two have shared their reasoning with others as needed, but General Hospital spoilers have hinted that there may be more to their stories.

For example, as The Inquisitr has previously noted, it's been speculated for some time now that perhaps it will soon be revealed that Nikolas is still alive. If he is alive, viewers suspect that perhaps Hayden already knows that.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers don't reveal anything too juicy about where this heads next. SheKnows Soaps details that next week, Jax and Hayden will catch up, and viewers will see Laura reaching out to Ava soon, too.

Laura reaching out to Ava could be about Ryan, as General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Ryan will soon cause a lot of chaos at Pentonville. However, it could also be that Laura wants to talk to Ava about something related to Nikolas.

Beyond that, the show has kept things largely under wraps about where this adventure heads next. The November sweeps period is right around the corner, and that seems like a prime time to reveal some juicy developments with this codicil situation.

Are Laura and Kevin on the right track? Is all of this leading up to Nikolas returning? Thursday's episode should provide additional insight into what's going on, and more General Hospital spoilers about this twisted tale will emerge in the days ahead.