Ayesha Curry Flashes Cleavage And Pokes Fun At Husband Steph On Instagram

Ayesha Curry's husband might be one of the greatest NBA players of all time, but his wife recently gave him a good ribbing over some of his on-court behavior. It was something that Steph Curry does while he's hitting all those free throws that she chose to visually reference in her latest Instagram post.

On Thursday, Ayesha took to Instagram to share a photo that was snapped in the Golden State Warriors locker room. In the image, the 30-year-old Family Food Fight host is rocking a wild zebra print wrap dress with black and neon green stripes. The eye-catching garment has a plunging V-neckline that puts her cleavage on display and a high slit that flashes a little leg. Ayesha is kicking back and relaxing in a swivel chair right in front of her husband's locker. Because her legs are crossed, the top of one of her black calf-length boots is visible.

While Ayesha's fans are often wowed by her stylish looks, it isn't her striking outfit that really grabs their attention this time; it's the unusual accessory in her mouth. The mother of three has a plastic mouthguard clenched between her teeth, and she's scrunching up her face. She's obviously poking fun at her husband with her pose. As most NBA fans know, Steph Curry has a habit of chewing on his mouthguard and letting it dangle from his mouth during games.

"Got that Steph face lol," read one response to her silly snapshot.

"Lol the mouthguard classic," remarked another fan.

In addition to scoring plenty of crying-laughing emoji, Ayesha's photo earned her loads of compliments from fans of her vibrant look.

"Love your look!!" wrote one admirer.

"Love you Ayesha!!! Cauuute outfit!!" another remarked.

Portland Trail Blazers guard/foward Kent Bazemore also made an observation about the photo that had nothing to do with Ayesha's outfit or her mimicry of her husband's famous quirk. Instead, his attention was drawn to the screen behind Steph's wife.

"Golf channel on in the background is a very respected flex my friend @stephencurry30," he wrote.

While Ayesha and many NBA fans might find it funny that "Chef Curry" won't stop chewing on his mouthguard during games, Steph insists that his habit actually benefits him and his team. According to Fox Sports, he has said that he's more accurate when he chews on it while he's shooting free throws.

Steph told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that he initially began doing it because it calms him down. Now, it feels "weird" to him if it's not hanging out of his mouth when he's on the free-throw line.

So far, Steph hasn't responded to Ayesha Curry's post, so fans will have to keep checking her Instagram comments to see if the Chef fires back.