Justin Bieber Visits Amsterdam During Weekend Off [Video]

Justin Bieber decided to spend his weekend in Amsterdam. Bieber, in the midst of what appears to be a mental breakdown, had a rare weekend off from touring and immediately jet set to the city.

As we recently reported Bieber’s tour hit a snag in Portugal where his second night show was cancelled because of poor ticket sales. Ahead of his one and only Portugal show, Bieber decided to bring his entourage to the pot-smoking, prostitute-loving location.

Bieber was spotted as he visited the Dutch capital. Bieber visited a famous music venue called De Melkweg (Milky Way), and then he visited the restaurant Chipsy King.

A fan of the pop singer managed to capture a mobile phone video of Justin Bieber as he entered an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Bieber’s trip was planned in advance, as Chipsy King marketing manager Amir Beaucaire told E! News, “I got a call from my dad, his employee called him saying Justin Bieber was in our shop and had fries. He was with a couple of security guys.”

Here is the video of Justin Bieber visiting the Amsterdam coffee shop:

In case you are curious, Bieber asked for two orders of fries with no dipping sauces.

According to the shop’s owner, Justin Bieber was not at first recognized by the store’s employees. One of the employees told Bieber he had “beautiful eyes” and that they recognized him from somewhere.

The quick trip to Amsterdam was a much needed detour for the pop singer. Bieber collapsed on the London O2 Arena state on Thursday night after experiencing shortness of breath, and this morning he verbally sparred with a member of the paparazzi.

Many observers have questioned Bieber’s mental health over the last week because of his strange behavior that has included wearing a gas mask while shopping.

Justin Bieber’s reps have not commented on his trip to Amsterdam or the current state of his mental health.