Joe Biden's Campaign Is 'Single-Handedly' Sustained By 'Free Media' Coverage, Says Nando Vila

During a recent segment of the progressive news show The Young Turks — available on YouTube — hosts Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Nando Vila covered Andrew Yang's recent $10 million fundraising haul and the mainstream media's choice to ignore it, which The Inquisitr previously reported. The trio discussed their belief that the snub is rooted in the mainstream media's "disdain" for outsider campaigns like Yang's and suggested that he represents a threat to their establishment.

In one part, Villa also touched on the large amount of media coverage Joe Biden's campaign has been getting during his run and suggests that it's responsible for his high polling numbers.

"That free media is single-handedly sustaining the Biden campaign at this point. If you look at the number of mentions that he gets on cable news, it's a factor of like four times higher than the next person."
Villa added that following what he believed were poor debate performances, the cable media pundits continued to suggest that Biden "won" or did well.

"That's single-handedly sustaining his campaign right now. That air, that aura of respectability, or inevitability, or whatever," he concluded.

Biden is currently the front-runner in the 2020 Democratic primary with 27 percent support, with Elizabeth Warren trailing with 26.8 percent support. He has been the target of attacks from Donald Trump following the beginning of an impeachment probe, which has led the president to suggest that Biden and his son, Hunter, are linked to corruption. Although none of Trump's accusations have been supported by evidence, some are still calling for him to come clean about how his family has purportedly benefited from his political career.

"Democrats have been loath to give any credibility to the wild rantings of Trump or his bagman Rudy Giuliani, leaving them to sidestep the question of Hunter Biden's ethics or decision-making, and how much responsibility Joe Biden deserves," Ryan Grim wrote for The Intercept, adding that Republicans have no problem smearing the Bidens as corrupt to benefit Trump's re-election campaign.

Grim also highlights that fellow presidential candidate Bernie Sanders refused to endorse Biden's son, Levi, when he ran for Congress, claiming that he doesn't believe in political dynasties.

Biden recently called for Trump's impeachment and said it was necessary to preserve the United States Constitution, as well as the country's democracy and integrity. Not long after, Trump hit back, calling Biden "pathetic" and again accusing him and Hunter of corruption. Biden quickly hit back and thanked Trump — sarcastically — for listening to his speech.