Amber Heard Shows Off Some Skin In Bathrobe On Instagram

Amber Heard has delivered a social media update with a little bathroom attire. The Justice League actress took to the platform yesterday with a black-and-white photo that was absolutely stunning, although it did see the 33-year-old flash a little skin.

The photo showed Amber seated in a room that had a slight studio feel — a chair in the background boasted canvas materials and a crisscross finish. The star herself was taking up the foreground in an artsy way that seemed happy and carefree even though Amber has had her fair share of troubles recently. Amber was seen seated and looking downward as she smiled, with the grin being a fairly big one. The blonde was also showcasing a fair amount of flesh via a bathrobe that was open at the top and worn off-the-shoulder. The cleavage-flashing was discreet, but it was there. That said, the image was a tasteful one, with Amber's long and toned legs also on show.

Amber may well have been almost makeup-free in this snap. While thick lashes suggested that a little mascara had been applied, a glowing forehead afforded a natural feel. The star appeared with her hair tied up into a simple bun, with absolutely nothing in the way of accessories.

The update proved immensely popular, racking up over 230,000 likes in the space of 18 hours. Fan comments poured in showing an international fanbase, although many users did simply opt for emoji responses.

Amber's headline-making seems to fall into three categories: the star fronts media outlets on account of her A-lister career, her ex Johnny Depp, plus her activism. The star also turns heads for having a super-fit frame — handy for those action roles.

Speaking to Allure in 2017 on prepping for her Mera role in Aquaman, Amber revealed who her trainer was, plus what her diet included.

"I trained with Gunnar Peterson here in L.A. I'd wake up, train, eat my hard-boiled egg and some kale and then go stunt or martial arts training. I spent about five hours of my day training. For my next movie I should be in sweatpants," the star told the magazine.

Gunnar is, of course, the cream of the crop in the world of celebrity trainers, having worked with Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, plus Angelina Jolie.

The magazine also asked Amber if she had an "absurd" life.

"I have that moment a lot. When I'm suspended over a set in a bright blue Lycra onesie attached to these wires and a harness and I'm flying over the ocean and I'm asking questions like 'Have I already done my hydrokinesis or are we speaking in a bubble?' " the actress replied.

Amber recently made headlines for being slammed by her own fans in a see-through dress, although the star's most recent Instagram photo didn't seem to bring out much negativity.