'Teen Mom 2' Star Jade Cline Facing Legal Battle After Leaving Baby Daddy Sean Austin

Jade Cline left baby daddy Sean Austin and their troubled relationship behind, but the Teen Mom 2 star apparently can't run away from her financial obligations.

The reality television star is reportedly facing a lawsuit claiming that she and her ex skipped out on close to two months of rent on the home they shared together before splitting up. The lawsuit was reported by Radar Online, which noted that a property management company filed a lawsuit against them in Indiana for $2,098.60 in back rent, which is roughly two months.

The company, FS Houses — Property Management 317 LLC, purportedly filed the suit against both Jade and Sean and an eviction hearing has been set for October 22. The report noted that the home listed would be familiar to fans of Teen Mom 2, as the MTV reality television series filmed some recent episodes there.

It is not clear what legal defense Jade Cline may mount in the case, but viewers know that she left the home after a nasty breakup with Sean. She later had to call police to escort her to pick up some belongings as she believed Sean was harboring himself inside with a gun. In video from an episode, Jade claimed that Sean was abusing her and accused him of being a drug addict.

Jade has also threatened to keep Sean from seeing their daughter, sparking a bitter dispute between the former couple.

Jade Cline is not the only Teen Mom star to face reported legal troubles related to allegations of unpaid bills. As The Inquisitr reported, Farrah Abraham is accused of skipping out on $101,000 of rent for stores she and ex-boyfriend Simon Saran operated in Austin, Texas. The company went out of business, and the stores had closed down in September 2018. The company renting the space to the couple said they had failed to make monthly rent payments.

As Radar Online reported, the Teen Mom OG star had evaded court agents trying to serve papers for several months, which held up the case. The report noted that the company even took to following Farrah's social media, trying to use her live Instagram videos to pin down her location and send process servers to her. That effort failed, however, when they were unable to pin down her location or showed up too late to catch her.

It was not clear how the legal case against Jade Cline is progressing or whether the Teen Mom star has a lawyer.